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Friday, December 8, 2006

America Betrayed?

From Gates of Vienna:

We’re on Our Own - by Baron Bodissey

These are lean times for the Counterjihad.

The Iraq Study Group report has revealed the depth of surrender among the political élite in the USA. The best and the brightest gathered and deliberated, and ended by codifying the Current Wisdom, which can be summarized thusly:
  • Abandon Iraq to its fate, but paper the situation over by calling it “stabilizing the situation through consultation with our regional partners.”
  • Abandon Israel to its fate, with the all-too-eager acquiescence of the Olmert government.
  • Ignore the acquisition of nuclear weapons by Iran, hoping that we can somehow contain the mullahs by talking and offering more gifts.
  • Ditto with Kim Jong-Il.
  • Abandon the policy of regime change when dealing with dangerous Islamofascist dictatorships.
  • In the name of multiculturalism, ignore the ever-growing Saudi Wahhabist influence in mosques throughout the West.
  • Leave the Mexican border wide open, so that terrorists, Aztlan enthusiasts, criminals, and anyone else may come to America to realize their dreams.
  • Take no action without the permission and “help” of the UN.
Considering the above, and given the fact that the academy, the permanent political class in Washington, most of the major charitable foundations, and all the major media (with the possible exception of Fox News) are in the hands of the dhimmi left, we’re in deep trouble.

The election last month clarified the existing trend: our leaders have abandoned us. They have left ordinary people to reap the results of socialism and multiculturalism, while they themselves hope to carve out a comfortable niche and continue to enjoy their accustomed perks for the rest of their lives.

It’s a fine distinction as to whether this is political calculation or moral cowardice; the end result is the same. The jihad will advance. Millions will eventually die at its hands. Whole countries will be swallowed up by it. Christians, Hindus, and Jews will face the swords of the mujahideen across Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

And eventually the jihad will arrive right here, on the shores of America. By then the craven and corrupt political leaders of our country may well be resting comfortably in their multicultural tombs, but it will get here.
Yes, it will get here, and we'll pay the price for not dealing with the threat when we should have. Just as France and Britain found they waited too long to stop Hitler when he was still weak.

I for one do not intend to ever submit. What about you?


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