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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Marion Barry Is As Marion Barry Does

"He was targeted! It's all a misunderstanding. It's racial profiling for God's sake! His driver's license isn't suspended, it's just a clerical error." These are the excuses that disgraced former DC Mayor Marion Barry is pandering to explain his latest run-in with the law. Why those mean ol' policemen "humiliated" him by pulling him over and taking him to jail for a few hours. You'd think after being caught on video tape smoking crack with a whore that it might take more than a routine traffic infraction to humiliate Mr. Barry. Worst of all, he wasn't able to drive all weekend! Don't those racist cops know there are whores and crack dealers that need visiting during holidays?

The saddest truth though, is that if he ran for Mayor again he'd be elected in a landslide. What. A. Disgrace.


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