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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Obama's Speech: Sorry Grandma, Had To Do It...Hope You Understand You Loveable Old Racist

Color me unmoved.

Obama’s speech was a bunch of hooey. You don’t go to a church for 20 plus years where the pastor obviously preaches in such a…shall we say…fiery manner on an undeniably regular basis unless you agree with him. Period. I left my family church, where I’m still friends with the pastor, but disagreed with him on many issues; not all, but some, and strongly. That made it impossible to sit in the pew every Sunday or to tithe to the congregation. Still friends yes, but no longer close. I repudiate his beliefs and I have distanced myself from him because of it.

I just don’t believe Barack Hussein Obama would stay at a church where he was uncomfortable with what was coming from the pulpit - even in part. It certainly wasn't worthy of (cue the eye rolling) Abraham Lincoln, or anywhere near as important or powerful as anything Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (spinning in his grave) ever said.

Tammy Bruce has more here and here.

Shelby Steele takes Obama apart in his Wall Street Journal column: The Obama Bargain

Torture.com loved it

Ace didn't

Jamie was impressed

Michelle Malkin wasn't

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