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Sunday, March 20, 2005

From the "Careful What You Wish For" file

Several times over the past few months I've heard various people talking about the growth of Islam in the United States. They claim that the USA will eventually be a muslim nation. Okay, perhaps it will be someday. But...

The people who would turn us into the American Caliphate should be careful what they wish for, they might just get it. American's rarely absorb an idea or philosophy from another culture without giving it a uniquely American spin. Take this instance from a story in TIME magazine about muslim women in the USA. Here's a snipet:

The worshippers face Mecca. "Allahu akbar." Hands lift heavenward. "God is great." They bow as a voice leads them through the litany. "Alhamdulillah." From the familiar words to the leader's call and the 100-strong congregation's murmured response, the prayers sound much as they always do. "Praise be to God." Except that the voice leading them is a woman's.

and another:

One of the difficulties of effecting change in Islam is that no clerical hierarchy exists; there is only an assortment of jurists whose authority comes from the willingness of the faithful to accept their decrees. One of the most influential elders in the U.S., Khaled Abou El Fadl, a sheik and a professor of Islamic law at UCLA, told TIME that he sees no reason to keep women from leading. In his view, meritocracy ruled in Muhammad's time, and it should today. "The person who is most knowledgeable should be the one to lead prayer," he says. "Gender is irrelevant." Such words are an answer to the prayers of women like Wadud and Nomani--and a sign that the debate has only just begun.

Interesting huh? I can see it now, a few hundred years from now. Three great monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam standing together, united in the Great American Melting Pot. A freedom loving, democratic America, that has embraced the "Religion of Peace". An Islam changed from the inside out; dragged kicking and screaming a full four centuries into the future. An islamic American superpower standing against fuedalism, theocracy, and totalitarianism. A female president leading the charge. Wouldn't that make the Ayatollah role over in his grave.

Hey, if you can't beat'em, join'em! (Just kidding).


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