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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Religion of Peace Strikes Yet Again

Here's a Christian Science Monitor article about Abu Osama and the insidious way he's encouraging islamofascist violence in the United Kingdom - the country of his birth that has offered him freedom, but for which he clearly doesn't give a damn. He needs to be locked up where he can't spread his violent beliefs.

Free speech doesn't allow you to falsely yell fire in a crowded theatre. In the same way, freedom of religion doesn't allow you to openly and without shame encourage murder and treason, and celebrate it after it happens. Here's a few money quotes, read them and see if you think these fascists could be any clearer about their intentions?
Last fall, addressing a meeting of scores of British radicals, he sighed: "At the moment in Britain there is no jihad." Faces fell around the hall. "Yet!" he exclaimed suddenly, to approving murmurs. The jihad would soon come, Abu Osama predicted, and he urged his listeners to embrace its arrival.

"Some of the people tell you Islam is a religion of peace because they think that then you'll want to convert," says Dublin-born convert Khalid Kelly, who soaks up Abu Osama's sidewalk sermon. "But you cannot possibly say Islam is a religion of peace; jihad is not an internal struggle."

"How dare anyone come on television and say suicide bombings are not part of our belief?" scoffs Irish convert Kelly. "These [moderates] are the lunatic fringe!"

...Kelly suggests: "We can fight wherever, in Iraq, London, Paris, or Berlin. There is no such thing as innocents. The idea of the Islamic state is terror against anyone who doesn't support Islamic ideology."

Abu Osama nods. "If four men can take explosives and rock the whole of Britain, imagine what more could do."


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