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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Iran Doesn't Get It

Iran doesn't seem to have paid much attention over the last few years. After all, if they ONLY want to develop a PEACEFUL nuclear program then they don't need to produce highly enriched weapons grade uranium. Either they agree to reasonable controls over their nuclear "energy" development program, or they won't have a nuclear "energy" development program.


EGL 8/11/2005 11:57:00 AM  

Ah, American arrogance shining through. Afterall, we are the only country ever to have used atomic weapons so it makes since that only we and our friends should be allowed to have them! Everyone knows that without a doubt the decisions of this country are valid world wide. If we ever chose to use nuclear weapons again undoubtedly everyone would know that it was justified because like the rest of our condecending foreign policy, "we said so!" And of course, "might makes right."

Weapons aside, you do have to enrich uranium to a certain level before it can be used to generate power. The use of centrifuges is required to create weapons grade material and, at this point, we have no solid information that the Iranians have that equipment. If we assume that we are justified in not allowing them to have this equipment (see above (while noting that I don't think it is a good idea to allow the Iranians to have the weapons either)) then we, along with the rest of the world, should take steps to insure that they don't get the equipment. Acting unilaterally is what is causing every nation in the world to shy away from us. Additionally, the Europeans are perfectly aware of any potential threat and also perfectly capable from a military standpoint to take care of the problem without our involvement. The shoot first ask questions later attitude is what got us involved in the hunt for weapons of mass destrution in Iraq...and how many of those have we found again?

Not allowing them to generate power through a clean and efficient source just because there is a slight potential that they may tweak things to create weapons (knowing that we're fully ready to invade and bomb the crap out of them like we have Iraq!) is not only stupid but obnoxious. That's like saying, "we can't allow them to make toilet bowl cleaner because the chemicals are deadly and could be modified to make chemical weapons"

And why are we so quick to use force against Iraq and Iran for their potential creation of these weapons while we sit back and continue sweet talking North Korea after they have declared they have them? God forbid we have a consistent policy on something as trivial as nuclear weapons.

Kevin 8/11/2005 01:43:00 PM  

England might take care of the problem. There's no way Germany, France or Russia would ever take military action against Iran. After all, they're the ones who are selling the Iranians the technology.

The Iranians don't want a clean, efficient power source, they want a nuclear weapon. You say it is arrogant to believe that only "we" should possess nuclear weapons technology and keep other nations from developing it. I say it’s logical to do so.

It is unlikely that the current declared & proven atomic powers (UK, US, France, Russia, China, Pakistan, and India) will use those weapons aggressively unless they are attacked first. Pakistan was a problem, because it initially (and stupidly, perhaps maliciously) shared its technology with, shall we say, less than noble governments and organizations. However, they have taken steps to stop sharing the technology.

You are bright enough to know that Iran or North Korea with nuclear weapons is an entirely different thing than France or England with nuclear weapons (or even Israel or Brazil). The free world should do everything in its power, including military action, to stop non-democratic, terrorist sponsoring nations from developing even simple nuclear technology, much less making weapons grade material.

EGL 8/11/2005 02:59:00 PM  

I agree that the spread of nuclear technology for weapons purposes should be stemmed. However, I disagree with the idea that we should be the sole deciding nation as to who is and is not allowed to have any nuclear technology.
"If" France and Germany are selling the technology to the Iranians, then maybe they believe and/or know something we don't. Could it be possible that the US is wrong?? Why of course that idea is preposterous!
Agree of disagree with the French and Germans (I leave Russia out because of its very own special views), they are still our allies and are still independent nations capable of deciding whether the risk of the development of weapons technology in their back yard is acceptable.
I also agree that the risk of the declared powers using nuclear weapons aggressively is low. But I also believe that ANYONE using them is also very low. The use of suicide bombers with conventional weapons has lowered international support for the current terroists. The use of a nuke would completely destroy all their credibility in whatever f*cked up world they have some. AND, Sept. 11 drew such a swift and forceful response in Afghanistan and Iraq (agree or disagree with the motives for that) that I challenge any person, terrorist or otherwise, not to believe that it would become Lake Iran with beautiful scenery of nuclear winter should a nuke actually be used and traced back. And, that would be justified.
The whole point of nuclear weapons is so that they are not used. Remember the cold war? Mutually assured destruction keeps the peace. It is extremely unlikely that anyone will ever be able to produce more bombs than we have and get to a point where they are a threat to us to the same extent that the Soviet Union was. Especially if, as I stated above, our retaliation ensures their destruction. Since we will never be weak to a point where their destruction isn't ensured and the devestation we would bring to the terrorists would far exceed anything they could do to us, I seriously doubt that even if they had them that terrorist or Iranians or North Koreans would use them should they obtain the technology to build them.

Kevin 8/11/2005 03:29:00 PM  

You are giving the islamo-fascist terrorists too much credit by assuming that they have the same limits and moral restraint as the western democracies. They don't care about credibility. They don't care about public opinion. They DO care about the jihad and the worldwide caliphate, and the destruction of western civilization. Any weapon that helps them achieve it will be used. For example:

What Do the Terrorists Want? by Daniel Pipes

Hizb ut-Tahrir Website

You cannot possibly believe there is any good reason to sell advanced technology to the Iranians (or North Korea, or Syria, et. al.) The Iranians may be deterred by threat of retaliation (and I emphasize MAY), but Al Qaeda or Hezbollah won't have any such compunction.

Further more, the French and Germans (and Russians) know the danger of giving Iran this technology - they simply don't care because they don't believe it will ever be used against them. Imagine how willing Iran, Syria, or North Korea would be to place nuclear technology into Bin Laden's hands.

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