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Thursday, September 29, 2005


Good news. The blame America first crowd has lost a round. The anti-American International Freedom Center has been banished from the WTC memorial site. One statement that stood out in the article:

Pataki initially said the state would help the International Freedom Center find another home, but center officials said they weren't interested and considered the project dead.

Emphasis mine. Is this a case of sour-grapes? I think its more likely a glimpse of their true agenda. They aren't interested in a true monument/museum to "freedom," unless it can be used to embarrass the United States and make America the scape-goat for all that is bad in their world.

* * * * * U P D A T E * * * * *

Here is the official statement from the IFC website. It is a gracious admission of defeat, but they still don't understand why people opposed the inclusion of their museum at the WTC Memorial Site. For them, self-flagellation must accompany any act of remembrance or patriotism. For them, America must be seen in a blurred, international context. For them, it is not okay to be proud of our achievements only apologetic for our failures. For them, it is not okay to be proud of what makes us strong, only ashamed of our human frailty.

* * * * * U P D A T E - 2 * * * * *

Given further thought, the IFC's refusal to consider another site speaks volumes. If their goal was really to further understanding and honor the idea of freedom as it has manifested itself around the world and throughout history, then not being able to build on the WTC site should not be the end of their project. If on the other hand, their goal was to put America in context (their multi-cultural, apologetic context) then their project is now at an end. And good riddance to it.


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