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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


I asked my friend Robbie this morning why I continue to read Ted Rall's columns. He said I'm masochistic. Must be.

Comrade Ted's latest rambling socialist diatribe is about how only government can help people after disasters like Katrina. In his mind there is no possible way private charitable organizations could ever raise enough money to do more than put a band-aid on the disaster. The only entity who can help is (drum roll please): THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!

Like a good pavlovian liberal - Ted is whining and crying for his federal pablum. He resents being weaned off the government teat.

He manages to knock Ronald Reagan for implementing trickle-down economics to "starve the beast" of government, Bush for funneling money from levee maintenance to Iraq, charitable organizations for being wasteful, and finally you, dear reader, for being dumb enough to donate to private organizations, thereby allowing "the mean and powerful [to] pig out more than ever." By "mean and powerful" of course - he means anyone who is self-sufficient. You see, by giving to the Red Cross et. al. you are letting the government off the hook for shirking its responsibility to make sure everyone is provided for. After all, we're incapable of taking care of ourselves - we need NANNY GOV!

Rall also believes that the government has lower overhead than private organizations. Because we all know that the government has never once wasted a penny. Yeah right. $10,000 hammers translate to $10,000 bottles of water.

In short, Ted is making the old socialist argument for the redistribution of wealth. Remember, in Rall-World you don't deserve the money you earn. All success is obtained by stepping on the less fortunate below you. How dare you flaunt your self-sufficiency in the face of those who have no concept of self reliance. You who have money, should be ashamed of your success. You should keep only a pittance of it and send the rest to the government so Nanny Gov can give it to those who haven't earned it.

Rall can send every penny he makes straight to Ted Kennedy if he wants, but he needs to keep his Marxist paws off mine.


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