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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


A dictator has been deposed and is being tried for his crimes. We now know that Iraq cannot field WMD's, rather than having to take the word of a preening madman. The people of Iraq successfully elected an interim government. The people of Iraq have written and ratified their first freely devised constitution. The people of Iraq will elect a democratic government in December.

Have these gains come without price? No, they have not; neither for Iraq nor for America and her allies. Yet the successes are downplayed or ignored, while artificial milestones are celebrated by the Main Stream Media and the anti-war rabble.

The two-thousandth American soldier was killed in Iraq; the left starts their opportunistic frenzy to make political hay out of soldier's life.

Cindy Sheehan is buying chain link by the yard. It's a holiday for Cindy, a time to refocus attention on her and her "absolute moral authority" and all consuming "grief." Yes, she's going to go tie herself to the White House fence and stay there until the troops are brought home. Throw in a gag and a tarp to hide her smirk and I'm all for this publicity stunt protest. Code Pink is no doubt treating themselves to new silky protest wear. Medea Benjamin is buying a fresh Che Guevara t-shirt. Ward Churchill will be salivating to remind us how we deserve ten times 2,000 dead soldiers (and women, and children, and husbands, and fathers, and all the other little "Eichmanns" that populate his distorted worldview), oh - and also that he's a non-plagiarizing, actual bona fide Native American "artiste."

U.S. Army Lt. Col. Steve Boylan, director of the force's combined press center, has some advice for all of us - the fourth estate in particular - read the story here.

"I ask that when you report on the events, take a moment to think about the effects on the families and those serving in Iraq. The 2,000 service members killed in Iraq supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom is not a milestone. It is an artificial mark on the wall set by individuals or groups with specific agendas and ulterior motives."

"The 2,000th Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine that is killed in action is just as important as the first that died and will be just as important as the last to die in this war against terrorism and to ensure freedom for a people who have not known freedom in over two generations."

"Celebrate the daily milestones, the accomplishments they have secured and look to the future of a free and democratic Iraq and to the day that all of our troops return home to the heroes welcome they deserve."
The 1st soldier, the 43rd soldier, the 657th soldier - the number doesn't matter, they're all heroes. They all understood sacrifice & duty better than I ever will, and I thank God for them all.


Truth Is Stranger 10/26/2005 09:15:00 PM  

Frankly, I think we should have left Iraq the day we stopped looking for WMDs. I really could care less about the fate of the Iraqi people. Well, that is not entirely true. I do not wish them, or anyone, ill. I do not think all of them are worth the life of one American soldier however. If they are a threat - wipe them out. Otherwise leave them be.

Do the cops stay in the crack house to hang wallpaper after executing a search warrant? We had a warrant to look for WMD apparently. We found none. Leave. The excuse that we are fighting the terrorists over there so we don't have to fight them here is pathetic. The 9/11 hijackers lived planned in Europe and lived in the U.S. The real threat doesn't come from the toothless, stinking rabble that run around in bare feet dying by the boatload in Ramadi of Falujah - it comes from the planners, plotters and money men who are well entrenched all over the globe. It especially comes from Saudia Arabia also known as our oil pimps.

I hate agreeing with the likes of fat, sweltering, oily socialist pig Teddy Kennedy - but him calling this Vietnam is spot on. The numbers of dead aren't equal but give it time. And all this from someone who hopes he is very wrong about it.

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