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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


This just hacks me off: Judge Blocks Voter ID Law. Of course the judge is a Jimmy "Dhimmi" Carter appointee.

The Voter ID Law is reasonable and not in any way unconstitutional. In fact it was approved by the Federal Department of Justice before it was passed by the state legislature! All it requires is that voters show a picture ID in order to vote. Can someone please tell me how that is racist because I just can't figure it out. The state ID cards cost $20.00 normally, but will be made available for free to those who can't afford it. FREE! NO CHARGE! GRATIS! What is the problem people?

Some of the lame arguments against the law:

1) It's a poll tax. [Duh - the ID's are being made available at no charge if necessary.]

2) It would be embarrassing for the poor to have to ask for a free card. [They certainly don't seem to be embarrassed when they take all the other freebies the government hands out? Why would this be any different.]

3) The elderly and indigent won't be able to figure out how to get an ID. [As if it's a complicated process. Oddly enough the "they're too stupid" argument isn't drawing any criticism from people the activists claim to be helping.]

4) The elderly and indigent don't have any way to get to the state offices that issue driver's licenses and state ID's. [Jesse Jackson seems to be very good at organizing bus tours. Couldn't he and Cindy Sheehan could get together and bus these people to the ID offices? Nah - that makes too much sense.]

Dumbass Quote of the Day: “It is a breath of fresh air blowing like a spring breeze into a room full of the smoke of oppression and repression and discrimination, because we believe that’s what this legislation represents,” said Rev. Joseph Lowery of the Coalition for the People’s Agenda. [Reacting to the Judge's ruling to block the Voter ID law.]


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