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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Here's what the left really thinks about the U.S. Military. Timothy Karr, on his blog MediaCitizen, speaks his mind on our men and women in uniform - they're just "shills" for the Bush administration. He also calls them "flag wavers," "parrots," and "liars." And of course he refers his readers over that bastion of patriotism DemocraticUnderground for a little more soldier slander. Nice Timothy, really nice.

Was Murphy like other soldiers, giving Americans a "sincere" assesment from the field -- as Scott McClellan claimed at his White House press briefing Thursday? Or could he be part of a larger scheme -- involving already outed Seargent-cum-shill Corine Lombardo -- to covertly stack the media deck with pro-war, pro-Bush propagandists?

Murphy waves the flag in several other Times-Free Press stories.

Murphy told Channel 3 that he had no idea why he was selected to speak with the President. I suspect the Lieutenant wasn't being entirely honest on that score.

Publicity officer Lombardo couldn't have written a better script. To her dismay, though, all soldiers aren't parroting Murphy's line.
Here are some snipets from the comments on this post. The moonbats came out in full force for this one.
Dreadneck: It's nice to see people waking up to the fact that the mainstream media is nothing but staged, managed propaganda - not just for Bush and his cronies but for corporate America and our government as a whole.

Anonymous: I wonder what this guy's background is. Could he come from the College Republican? Also what's his real name? His picture looks like Jeff Gannon.

theDebtonator: ...you are supporting an illegal war. It doesn't matter if it is going well or not, it is illegal. Our soldiers know this and the guilt they feel must be horrendous. Killing babies for oil has long term pyschological affects.

Jerry: These poor suckers serving in Iraq don't get to use their brains in the way they could as civilians, and many think that supporting bushco will further their careers. Bush's military is a place where you give up your freedom trying to make those poor Texas Oil Billionaires wealthier.


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