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Sunday, October 2, 2005


Get this! Muslims in England are demanding that images of pigs be removed from the workplace because they offend their itty bitty tender sensibilities. Awwww poor widdle muslims, don't cry we'll get wid of the big bad piggies.

The kicker is this quote from councilor Mahbubur Rahman (yes, you guessed it he's a Muslim): He said: "It's a tolerance of people's beliefs." What the f#ck! What about MY beliefs? What about the beliefs of the people that had to modify their lives to accommodatedate this idiot and those like him? Hey Rahman - it's a freakin'picture, a gosh darn stuffed animal - grow up and get over it!

Imagine if the situation was reversed? What if some workers demanded that a Muslim calendar be removed because they found it offensive in light of the never ending terrorist attacks committed by muslims. You guessed it - those people would be racist bigots of the worst kind. Remember, muslims expect you to do as they say, not as they do. In fact, why don't all of us just convert, wouldn't that be the best solution? NOT!

Screw you Mohammed. You don't like pigs? Then don't f#cking have a stuffed pig on your desk, dumbass. Really, what is next? Will we have to give up enjoying bacon and sausage for breakfast because some whining muslims want pork outlawed because it offends them? For pity's sake - they need to get a grip or move back to Islama-la-la-land.


* * * * * U P D A T E * * * * *

Mmmmm, mmmm! I just had BBQ pork sandwiches for dinner. Pig is the BEST! You should really try it Osama.


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