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Tuesday, November 8, 2005


Why? Gross misconduct in the investigation of the murder of Natalie Holloway. We all know who killed her. We all know that the Aruban authorities either fucked-it-up or covered-it-up.

Until they do the right thing and bring the Guilty 3 to justice. No more dollars to Aruba. There are a lot of other islands in the Caribbean




Adam 11/09/2005 08:37:00 PM  

If we boycott every country that doesn't resolve an investigation, who am I supposed to buy stuff from???

Besides, how do you know who did it? No one actually in Aruba doing the investigation knows. They don't even have enough of a guess to charge anybody, let alone convict them. If you know something the rest of the planet doesn't, I urge you to go to the authorities.

Kevin 11/11/2005 06:58:00 PM  

I normally don't jump on "boycott bandwagons," including the one that popped up against France in the run up the liberation of Iraq. I feel there is a difference in this case for many reasons:

1) It's more than just failing to resolve the case. Some cases genuinely cannot be solved. However, all signs point to the Aruban police and prosecution being guilty of - at the least - gross incompetence in their handling of the investigation. Unfortunately I think its more likely that they've allowed themselves to be corrupted by local influential citizens, including the Van der Sloots.

For instance, even AFTER the Kalpoe brothers and Van der Sloot were suspects who had been questioned. The authorities refused to hold them long enough to search their homes or car. Then they released them and did not keep them under surveillance, allowing the ample opportunity to dispose of evidence if not the body.

The authorities also allowed Joren's father - a local magistrate - to meet with him privately while he was in custody. WTF?! That's unheard of even in Aruba.

2) The authorities refuse to speak to Beth Holloway Twitty offering conflicting excuses for why she cannot be updated or briefed on the investigation. Even though there is no rule or law preventing such a briefing.

I think the reason is that such a briefing would do little to ease Beth's mind and bring even more reproach on the bungled investigation.

3) Aruba has one, and only one, industry - tourism. The vast majority of that tourism comes from North America.

This boycott is not official; it is not part of U.S. foreign policy. It's simply asking Americans to stand together and exercise their choice to take their tourist dollars elsewhere in the Caribbean.

American travel agents are already saying that - while they won't refuse to book tours to Aruba - they are doing all the can to push their clients to other parts of the Caribbean.

This call also seems to have gotten the attention of the Aruban government. They're howling with outrage. I predict that if a few more states and local government industries join in they'll cave in a big way.

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