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Friday, November 4, 2005


When they nicknamed Paris the "City of Light" I don't think they were talking about fires set by Islamofascist terrorists. Maybe they meant intellectually light, because that's the manner in which the French government seems to be reacting to this crisis. Mostly because they can't bring themselves to acknowledge the truth. These are not random attacks by "disaffected" youth. They've got full-scale Islamofascist terrorist attack going on and they are impotent to fight it. I give it less than a week before they throw up their hands, raise the white flags, surrender and cede the Parisian suburbs to Algeria.

France's Interior minister, Nicholas Sarkozy seems to be the only official to have the guts to call it like it is, saying the riots aren't spontaneous but "well organized."

Hat tip to Tammy Bruce for putting up these two pictures, they speak volumes:

Paris Last Night

Baghdad This Week

Now, who's dealing with the terrorist threat more effectively I ask you?


bhoygary 11/07/2005 06:14:00 PM  

Dear Queer conservative,

I hope you will excuse my French when I tell you your blog is the most extraordinary collection of misled, uneducated, ill-informed, bullshitey comments I've ever had the chance to come across.

Of course i have an excuse for not agreeing, I am French. So I live very close to the evil islamofascists terrorist you seem to have evidence are ruling my country and threatening my life. (By any chance, did you get your evidence while looking for weapons of mass destruction??)

I have pretty good evidence that the unrest we have in France at the moment has absolutely nothing to do with global terrorism seeing as i live in a city -Marseille- whose population happens to be half muslim and the first car has yet to be burnt down here.

The Charles de Gaulle quote you are using is again out of context. It was originally used to describe how the French rejected his project of a presidential regime in 1946 to adopt the fourth republic. It has nothing to do with any sort of exterior threat and moral failure.

I understand that you are afraid of the world around you. I would be afraid too if i had so poor a cultural background, so obscure sources of information (skynews is to information, what George Bush is to politics...need i say more?) and so little comprehension of the people around you.

To be exhaustive I have to say I am a conservative and I voted for the conservatives in all the last elections. So you can't say you don't need my liberal comments.

I'm really flabbergasted too that being gay you lack the first bit of sympathy for members of a repressed minority.

It must be pretty lonly being you.


PS: EGL is right you just don't get it. My advice is just find yourself a nice muslim boy to fuck. Make love not war...

Kevin 11/07/2005 06:44:00 PM  

Oh God. Why is the Wermacht never around when you need them?

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