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Saturday, November 26, 2005


Got an email from a dear girl named Crystal today. Notice how she follows the typical liberal doward spiral in her aruments. She starts off by being insulting. She calls me stupid, a fucking idiot - the typical tolerant lefty stuff.
----Original Message Follows----
From: Crystal <***@bresnan.net>
To: Queer Conservative
Subject: woa
Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2005 07:45:29 -0700

Arent too many stupid gay people out there, you are the first I have met. Youre a stone cold fucking idiot.
I couldn't resist replying. Speaking in manner I thought she could understand, I told her she was a typical foul mouthed intolerant liberal. She again replied with the a very cogent argument of "you're stupid."
----Original Message Follows----
From: Crystal <***@bresnan.net>
To: Queer Conservative
Subject: Re: woa
Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2005 08:17:52 -0700

And your an idiot who votes against himself. And Im very tolerant except when it comes to stupidity...have a look...as you jump to conclusions... www.spunandspinning.blogspot.com, Maybe someday, when you and your other can have equal protection under the law...nah, not the way you vote. You keep yourself second class....trust me.
I responded.
Hmmm, you've called me an idiot and stupid - in two emails now. Yep, you're tolerant.

The only people I've encountered your attitude from are so called liberals. My fellow gay conservatives and I do not always agree with other conservatives. However we do agree that conservatives are far more tolerant and willing to discuss new ideas than the left; which talks a good talk but can't walk the walk.

DOMA = signed by Clinton
Don't Ask Don't Tell = signed by Clinton
You should run against Gay Marriage Rights = Clinton's advice to Kerry in '04
No Support for Gay Marriage Rights = Bill C., Hillary C., John Kerry, John Edwards, Al Gore, Joe Lieberman...

Now tell me why the left is better for gays?
In her final email (so far) she reveals that she doesn't believe that there are any other gay conservatives. In fact, she doesn't believe I'm really a gay conservative - just a liar and front for a Nazi group. Huh? Here come the conspiracy theories! A sure sign of a disturbed liberal mind. Of course she isn't really a liberal though - they always feel the need to distance themselves from that word. Why? She also hides behind that favorite leftist shield: "I am not a liberal, I am a hevaily armed Libertarian Anarchist..." Oh and she expressed "luv" for me. Yeah - I'm really feelin' the luv, girlfriend.
----Original Message Follows----
From: Crystal <***@bresnan.net>
To: Queer Conservative
Subject: Re: woa
Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2005 08:44:25 -0700

Um, isnt it a bit late to blame Clintons penis? And "fellow gay conservatives"? HUH?

You are an idiot because you vote against yourself. Thats dumb. Two, The B*shco isnt conservative and doesnt deserve your support. Thats where you are fucking up. I am not a liberal, I am a hevaily armed Libertarian Anarchist who loves every one but does not tolerate lies. You have many links to liars, you cite liars, you just may be a liar and your blog is a front for some nazi group, I dont know nor do I care. I only need you to see that you are voting against yourself, are using talking points assigned to you by your "sources" for news....and shooting yourself in the head with these false positions.

I am a conservative, I dont like the waste, B*shco is not a conservative...but you knew that.

They also would like you to go die... Luv you!
The libs have eyes, but they will not see...


Zendo Deb 11/26/2005 11:02:00 PM  

Typical lefty attitude. Try being a "gun nut" on top all of that - they will call you moster, only interested in death and destruction.

And of course self-loathing.....

The left isn't interested in diviersity of opinion.

Kevin 11/26/2005 11:03:00 PM  

I'm addicted to arguing with them. I don't why.

John Whiteside 11/27/2005 09:06:00 AM  

When you decide that one stupid person represents "the libs" you abandon any hope of actual conversations and are joining into vapid name calling. There are many kinds of liberal/progressive people, just as there are many kinds of conservatives, with smart as well as stupid people everywhere along the ideological spectrum. This post makes me think you have little interest in political discussion.

Kevin 11/27/2005 11:27:00 AM  

Visit Democratic Underground or Daily Kos - from what I've read there, she seems typical to me.

John Whiteside 11/27/2005 12:31:00 PM  

Because, yes, anonymous posts on a web site really are a good cross-section of what a large group of Americans think.

Kevin 11/27/2005 12:56:00 PM  

Oh so many of them aren't anonymous.

John 11/30/2005 02:56:00 PM  

Well you can tell her that you know at least one other gay conservative. Of course, being so "stupid" I might just be confused and actually be a straight man with a serious cock fetish... ;)

Something else which liberals like her seem to conveniently forget is that hundreds of thousands of Democrat voters eagerly joined Republicans and Independents in at least 18 states now to ban gay marriage. She neglects to mention the pastors in black churches who may vote liberal but are just as strongly against homosexuals as those on the Religious Right. Poll after poll, if you put stock in such things, show that large majorities of core constituencies of the Democrat Party are lockstep with the Religious Right when it comes to this. Hence why the Dem politicos say one thing to certain groups while doing the complete opposite when it comes time to cast their votes in Congress. Sorry, but I have no wish to sacrifice everything I believe in for the clever lies and few crumbs the Party will toss my way, strung out over many years of course, just to get my vote.

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