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Thursday, November 17, 2005


Well, well, well. It looks like the Democrats were right - Saddam was a threat, did have WMDs, and did have relationships with al-Qaida. It's a pity that they are finally right about something and they don't want to take credit for it!

The new documents could potentially reveal the extent of Iraq's ties to international terrorist groups, the production and concealment of WMDs, and the general skankiness of the Baathist regime.

From Newsmax:

Recently discovered Iraqi documents now being translated by U.S. intelligence analysts indicate that Saddam Hussein's government made extensive plans to hide Iraq's weapons of mass destruction before the U.S. invasion in March 2003 - and had deep ties to al Qaida before the 9/11 attacks.

  • Locations of Weapons/Ammunition Storage (with map)
  • Denial and Deception of WMD and Killing of POWsRicin research and improvement
  • Secret Meeting with Taliban Group Member and Iraqi Government (Nov. 2000)
  • Iraqi Intel report on Kurdish Activities: Mention of Kurdish Report on al Qaeda - reference to al Qaeda presence in Salman Pak
  • Money Transfers from Iraq to Afghanistan

Now, while this is very interesting, let's not get our hopes up. As Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Standard reminds us:

While the document titles sound stunning enough to turn the Iraq war debate on its head, Hayes cautions that it's hard to know for certain until the full text is available.
Let's keep checking back for the final translations to be complete. I have a feeling our suspicions will be confirmed.


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