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Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Jim Wooten in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, sums up the Democratic platform in two words: Bush Lied. Let's see how far that gets them. I predict it will carry the Democratic pols all the way back to the private sector.

Wooten quotes one of our local floundering Dems, state Sen. Curt Thompson (D-Norcross), who is salivating at the thought of all those unhappy "independent" voters ripe for the plucking. Says Thompson, independents are up for grabs, "...but only if we regain our self-confidence, go door to door learning exactly what problems people face and how much they are willing to pay to fix them will Democrats be able to win in a big way once again."

Note how brazen he is with the statement "how much they are willing to pay." As if voters should just bend over and hand the Democrats their wallets, so they can start "fixing" all our problems. Not with their money of course - but with your money. If they keep up that kind of talk the Democrats may snatch defeat from the jaws of victory...again. Remember, the more honest Dems are about their platform - they more votes they lose.

Wooten notes, correctly, "Knock on my door, and those of most Georgians, and the response to 'What do you want us to do and how much more of your money can we take?' is not likely to produce a winning majority. The national party is pretty much where Thompson is, except angrier and more determined to use the media and the electorate to punish Bush for occupying the White House illegitimately, in their view."

At present, the Democrats anger is their biggest foe. It is driving them moonbatty in the extreme, even to the point of harming their own country.
Honest people can disagree on the war in Iraq. They can disagree, too, on whether the "ownership society" vision Bush offers is healthier for the nation than one that continues to expand social programs.

But there can be no doubt that the country is not well served by this prolonged effort by Democrats to settle a 5-year-old hanging-chad grievance or to recast history so as to make presidential dishonesty something they all do, thereby minimizing the sin of Bush's predecessor.

This generation of Democrats is so tormented by memories of Florida and impeachment that they are driven to the edge of madness in search of retribution — even when it comes at the expense of undermining the war on terrorism.

But eventually, rather than going door to door asking voters how much higher they want their taxes to be, or what part of the Great Society do they believe is underfunded, they'll have to stand for something — something other than abandonment of Iraq and backward-looking bitterness.
A failure by the Democratic leadership to get a handle on this nuttiness will be their downfall. At the moment, it doesn't appear they realize there is a problem.

[Hat Tip: Neal Boortz]


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