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Monday, November 14, 2005


I have to agree with Tammy Bruce on this one.

The Entire bin Laden Family

Including all of Osama's 54 siblings (!) should be rounded up and used as a ransom to get their brother the butcher. Let me tell you--the moment the kiesters of each one of those pariahs is on the line, your head would spin with how fast we would suddenly "find" the top savage.Here's a report of the latest shenanigans of one of the bin Laden brothers, Yeslam to be exact, who lives in Switzerland and has Swiss citizenship.

Apparently, for some odd reason, French authorities are scratching their heads over a $300 million dollar transfer from a bank in Geneva to Pakistan from one of Yeslam's bank accounts.

Nah, I'm sure it's all innocent. There must be a perfectly good reason to send that sort of money into a pit of the world where your brother, the genocidal maniac, is hanging out.

Is Yeslam's Swiss citizenship supposed to make us think he, too, is "neutral" when it comes to what afflicts the world? But then again, Switzerland has always been a haven for Jew-haters. Despite their efforts to appear "neutral" the news of the last few years has proven the Swiss (mainly through the assistance of the Swiss National Bank) to have been in league with Hitler when it came to laundering stolen Jewish money to feed the Hitler war machine.

CNN reported
in 1998:

Their research into newly declassified documents showed Germany funneled $450 million in gold (worth an estimated $4.5 billion today) through Switzerland, mainly the Swiss National Bank.

Evidence indicated the stolen gold, when converted to hard currency such as Swiss francs, enabled Germany to purchase war supplies and armaments, fueling the Nazi war machine and prolonging the war and the genocide.

Swiss banks profited from trafficking in gold the Nazis looted from sources as diverse as the treasuries of occupied Belgium and Holland and the wedding bands and teeth of concentration camp victims.

If we were serious about catching bin Laden, everyone, everyone with that last name would be cooling their heels at Gitmo right now. While it is absolutely outrageous they're free, it's astounding that bank accounts with hundreds of millions of dollars in them with the name "bin Laden" have not been frozen. There's plenty that family could do to smoke out its sick sibling, yet they don't and we haven't even given them a reason to do so.


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