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Monday, December 12, 2005


Muslims once again demand that everyone bow to their "sensitivities," this time in Denmark.
A group of Danish Muslims is said to be refusing to eat a traditional yuletide treat there because they are offended by their name - "Jewish Cookies."

The cookies, which are made with cinnamon and hazelnuts, are not particularly Jewish. But they are popular during the pre-Christmas period. The Danish daily B.T. quotes one Ole Poulsen, head of the Public Food Consumer Department, as saying that the name may have to be changed at some point.

Denmark'’s chief rabbi, Bent Lexner, said he wouldn't mind a name change, but added that "I think that it would be better to educate Muslims to respect the culture of the majority in Denmark, if they want the majority to respect their culture."
Notice what the rabbi said: "respect the culture of the majority." Why is that Muslims are the only religion that cannot grasp this concept? Everything must be their way or its a "Jihad" on your ass. I swear it's like having to baby sit finicky children. Get a grip Abdul, or move to a country where the culture is more to your liking.

[ HT: Fox News ]


Muslihoon 12/13/2005 02:17:00 PM  

Excellent quote from the rabbi. It annoys me how Muslims expect others to bow to their sensitivities whilst refusing to tolerate the majority's culture. Even though democracy values minorities, it should not let minorities tyrannize the majority.

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