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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Yeowch! The United States Amabassador to Canada, David Wilkins, went all Marguerite Perrin on our Canuck Caneighbors. Not that the cheeky beavers didn't need a little spank on the bottom.

From The Globe and Mail:
"What if one of your best friends criticized you directly and indirectly almost relentlessly? What if that friend's agenda was to highlight your perceived flaws while avoiding mentioning your successes? What if that friend demanded respect but offered little in return? Wouldn't that begin to sow the seeds of doubt in your mind about the strength of your friendship?"
Well said Ambassador Wilkins. Honest differences are one thing, but you must admit that lately, America bashing seems to rank right up there with curling and Moose-tipping on Ottawa's top ten favorite past-times list.


Jeff 12/14/2005 01:48:00 PM  

I get into arguments with the morally superior Canadians who come to Florida for the season. The CAA, which is like our AAA, has issued American flag decals to it's members to put on their cars, because the Canadians are afraid us redneck Floridians will damage their cars.

Joke: Why is there no sex in Canada.......Because all the Fucking Canadians are in Florida.



Muslihoon 12/14/2005 05:38:00 PM  

Nice title for the post. :-) Canada annoys me to no end. They should be our friend and partner, and yet they refuse to cooperate.

Joke: Why is Canada spelled the way it is?

So it'll be easy for Canadians to spell: see, eh; en, eh; dee, eh.

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