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Friday, January 27, 2006

Like The Cliff Divers In Mexico...So Are The Dems Of Our Lives

Off. The. Deep. End. As an example ladies and gentlemen, I give you - Maureen Dowd, whose frontal lobe has finally been totally paralyzed by her botox treatments. From NewsBusters:
Appearing on Keith Olbermann's Thursday January 26 Countdown show on MSNBC, while comparing President Bush's words on his NSA wiretapping program with Bill Clinton's "lying," New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd made known her view that she found Bill Clinton's lying "poignant and endearing" because "when Bill Clinton would deceive, he would throw in a semantic clue that let you know he was deceiving." She further added that "He would let you know he was lying, and then the right wing would come down so hard on him and overpunish him."
Read the whole transcript of her interview, I swear to God you'll have to take an aspirin before you're through. Please note the Moonbats official positions:
  • Lying about adultery and committing perjury = "endearing"
  • Acting to protect the United States from its enemies = "troubling"
Eh, who's really surprised?

U P D A T E : Actually, maybe MoDo should be surprised. I had completely forgotten about the Pulitizer Prize she won for excoriating Clinton on his lying. Thank you Michelle Malkin for the reminder. From MoDo's September 16, 1998 column in the NYT:
Mr. Clinton's greatest sin is not sex or dissembling about sex, as the heavy-breathing Kenneth Starr believes. His greatest sin is swindling and perverting the American language. He is like the cursed girl in the fairy tale: Every time he opens his mouth, a toad jumps out.

His problems stem from his instinct, when he runs into trouble, to shroud rather than illuminate.

He tries to make words subjective, insisting they mean only what he wants them to. Just as he made the Democratic Party about himself, and the Democratic Conventions about himself, and the Presidency about himself, he tries to make the language about himself.

But he can't. Laws are composed of words. The President is in charge of our laws. When he drains meaning from words, he jeopardizes his ability to govern. He has made Washington Orwellian. His corrupt language corrupts thought.
I didn't see the word "endearing" used at any point. Did I miss it? Surely she recalls this column, it won her a freaking Pulitzer for Goddess' sake! Oh wait, maybe she was lying being deceptive being "endearing" in her interview with Olberman.


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