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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Mexico Invades The United States

What. The. Fuck.

From Michelle Malkin

From Inland Daily Bulletin

Mexican Army troops had several mounted machine guns on the ground more than 200 yards inside the U.S. border -- near Neely's Crossing, about 50 miles east of El Paso -- when Border Patrol agents called for backup. Hudspeth County deputies and Texas Highway patrol officers arrived shortly afterward, Doyal said.
Video from the Minutemen at Bare Knuckle Politics.

I say it's time for the United States military to defend our southern border. No more kidding around, and if it means war with Mexico...well kicking their ass would be good exercise and training.


USMale 1/25/2006 11:10:00 AM  

"Mexico Invades the United States" Old news. 10 million Mexicans have alread crossed the border illegally.

If 10 milliion Americans went south (pardon the pun) without permission of Senor Fox, what do you think they'd call it? I think invasion does the trick nicely.

bbbustard 1/25/2006 02:04:00 PM  

Have you served in our armed forces?

Shawmut 1/25/2006 02:39:00 PM  

Considering the invasion that has been on-going for a years, the machine guns were probably the response to the Mexican Gnome's call for "back-up". Of course they were most likely purchased illegally with US currency that has been finding it's way back there.
On the other hand, should we consider it a mobilization? When Russia mobilized after the Sarejevo incidint, it ignited the "Great War".

Kevin 1/25/2006 04:24:00 PM  

Oooo bbbustard. You have cut me to the quick with the dreaded "chickenhawk" strawman. Oh dear, oh dear.

No. I have never served in the United States armed forces. But that doesn't mean I cannot have an opinion on how we should defend ourselves. You know as well as I do that saying "if you don't join the army you have no right to express an opinion on military matters" is a hollow stupid argument.

If you follow that argument, the only people qualified to be President (commander in chief) and serve in Congress (declarer of war) would be past and present members of the military - so much for civilian government. Fortunately we don't live in that kind of country. Our military is an all volunteer force - the men and women serving have chosen on their own to do so.

Did the citizens of NYC send their children to rescue the victims of the collapsing towers of the World Trade Center? No, they expected the police and fire departments to accept the risk of gruesome death on their behalf. All of them were volunteers, and one knew that their depleted ranks would soon be filled by equally tough and heroic citizens who would volunteer in their turn. We would certainly face a grave societal crisis if that expectation turned out to be false.

But when it comes to the military, the whole notion of grown-ups volunteering is dismissed or lampooned. Don't infantilize our military.

John 1/25/2006 08:13:00 PM  

Have you served in our armed forces?

I have. Any particular reason why you ask this question? Perhaps we should think less of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Abraham Lincoln, FDR, Harry Truman, and Ronald Reagan who all sent troops into harm's way yet none of them had any real military experience of their own? Odd, these presidents are usually rated highly in American history...

bbbusatrd 1/25/2006 08:25:00 PM  

I am sorry if I cut you to the quick. I just hate doing that.I was really hoping for a more honest,less jingoistic response from you.I am amused that at your ripe old age(and I'm even older), the questioning of your service is somehow related to infantalizing the military? Huh?
But it's true that my comment was a cheap shot. I've grown to think that you're fond of them.
Actually I do understand the concept of civilian rule - even though Bush's belief that his position as CIC entitles him to break any law he wants. What I was objected to was your flippant suggestion of a war. You wouldn't say that such training was great if it was you or somone you loved being "trained."
Our army is not made up of mercenaries, to be used as it amuses you, but of citizens trying to have a better life.
And yes,if you can talk of infantilizing,I can get pompous as well.

bbbustard 1/25/2006 08:27:00 PM  

And a lousy typist - sorry.

bbbustard 1/25/2006 08:39:00 PM  

Hey Average Gay Joe -
I am not saying that we should think less of any of the Presidents that you mention. It's not just the experience in the military that counts. It's about people telling the enemy to "Bring it On". It's about joking about our guys killing Mexicans and Mexicans killing our guys. I think that it's way over the top when our guys are losing their lives every day in Iraq.I have not been in war, but I have a lot of family that have been. They never think it's funny.

John 1/25/2006 08:40:00 PM  

Our army is not made up of mercenaries, to be used as it amuses you, but of citizens trying to have a better life.

Never served, did? It is a volunteer force wherein each enlistee freely chooses to serve their country and defend it.

Kevin 1/25/2006 08:46:00 PM  

So, bbbustard...the military is a path of upward mobility in your eyes? Some sort of social program? I don't think our men and women in uniform would like that sort of cheap view of their service. My friends in the military, my family in the military all view it as a humbling service to their country.

It's not a college scholarship pagent. I have the deepest respect and love for the people who volunteer (volunteer means they do it by their own choice) to protect me, and you and our country.

And the suggestion of a war if necessary to defend us from an arrogant and invasive neighbor is not "flippant" - I mean it. And I have every confidence that our military could defend us far better than the border is currently being protected. If that means marching into Mexico City...again...so be it.

Oh, and the President is tasked by the constitution to protect and defend the country from all enemies foreign and domestic. It's his primary duty. I'm willing to give him a lot of leeway in that regard.

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