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Thursday, March 2, 2006

Morally Irrelevant Teaching

Jay Bennish. Moonbat.

HTs: Robbie at Malcontent, Michelle Malkin

UPDATE: Okay I just have to throw in some quotes and a picture of this lunatic.

Capitalism: If you don't understand the economic system of capitalism, you don't understand the world in which we live. Ok. Economic system in which all or most of the means of production, etc., are owned privately and operated in a somewhat competitive environment for the purpose of producing PROFIT!
Oh my non-gender specific, mythological deity! No, No! Not Profit!
...where does it say anything about capitalism is an economic system that will provide everyone in the world with the basic needs that they need? Is that a part of this system? Do you see how this economic system is at odds with humanity? At odds with caring and compassion? It's at odds with human rights.
As opposed to Communism and Socialism which have perfectly lovely human rights records.
There are dozens upon dozens of countries that have weapons of mass destruction. Iraq is one of dozens. There are plenty of countries that are controlled by dictators, where people have no freedom, where they have weapons of mass destruction and they could be potentially threatening to America. We're not invading any of those countries!
Patience, my sweet moonbat, patience...
Who is probably the single most violent nation on planet Earth?!

Unidentified brainwashed student interjects: We are.

The United States of America! And we're a democracy. Quote-unquote.
Okay, the moonbat apparently doesn't think we're a democracy "quote-unquote" but he's criticizing us for being a democracy. Yeah. That sounds about right. If you listen to the audio (you can find a link at Malcontent) you just won't believe it. He sounds like he's having a nervous breakdown. As Michelle Malkin said: "I think he needs medical help."
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iAmerican 3/02/2006 03:31:00 PM  

Any true American who watches the above, free video will recognize the fact that Bush committed 9/11 the same as his grandfather's client, Adolf Hitler, (Google "Prescott Thyssen Auschwitz") committed the Reichstag Fire. Inarguably, Bush is Hitler-redux.
Schoolteacher Jay Bennish is simply putting forward thoughts that any who claim spiritual descent from the Jeffersonian Whig Founders of the United States of America should have been realizing right after they heard GHW Bush's public statement confirming his "inability" to recall his whereabouts upon hearing of President Kennedy's assassination: W's only "qualification" for office.
Death for Treason

Kevin 3/02/2006 03:36:00 PM  

Yeah, thank you for sharing that...whatever it was, Mr. iamerican. Please feel free to come comment again once your meds kick in.

MPH 3/02/2006 03:51:00 PM  

Looks like his students are split - 3.2 out of 5 (average)

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