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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Memorial Day: What We Owe Our Soldiers

Alex Epstein expresses very well what I've felt for a while. Our soldiers aren't sacrificial angels, they're our neighbors and friends. All too often we get bogged down in platitudes and forget that there is more to it than parades and ribbons. We owe it to our soldiers to make sure we send them to fight for the right reason, to protect America's freedom. And we owe it to them to give them the means and leeway to win.
Every Memorial Day, we pay tribute to the American men and women who have died in combat. With speeches and solemn ceremonies, we recognize their courage and valor. But one fact goes unacknowledged in our Memorial Day tributes: all too many of our soldiers have died unnecessarily--because they were sent to fight for a purpose other than America's freedom. {snip}

What we owe these men who fight so bravely for their and our freedom is to send them to war only when that freedom is truly threatened, and to make every effort to protect their lives during war--by providing them with the most advantageous weapons, training, strategy, and tactics possible. {snip}

In Afghanistan we refused to bomb many top leaders out of their hideouts for fear of civilian casualties; these men continue to kill American soldiers. In Iraq, our hamstrung soldiers are not allowed to smash a militarily puny insurgency--and instead must suffer an endless series of deaths by an undefeated enemy.

To send soldiers into war without a clear self-defense purpose, and without providing them every possible protection, is a betrayal of their valor and a violation of their rights.
I agree most with Alex about Iraq and Afghanistan. We made the right decision to drive out the evil regimes that were in power in those places. However, I've said from the beginning that we did not use the power we are capable of mustering. Our goal should be to win, and all else should be secondary. You haven't won a war until your enemy is hopelessly demoralized and utterly incapable of fighting back. America can wield that kind of force, but we have not, and that has been a disserve to our soldiers. We owe them more.


Michael 5/27/2006 08:50:00 AM  

Hey man,

KUDOS! Just read your speech in the frame to the right. Listen, I'll be honest. I oppose gay marriage and gay adoption. Especially in Europe where fertility is on a moribund slippery slope, and where I hail from, I don't see the point of placing a form of relationship that does not produce offspring - sorry dude, but it's just like that - on a pedestal.

Other than that, I don't discriminate. I have gay friends. Invited some of them recently at my home, had good dinner, 20 minutes into the conversation I had actually forgotten they were gay. I don't look down upon you people like you're kind of, dunno, to be avoided.

We're a conservative site, three Mainers and one Belgian. Will link to you. Bye!

Michael 5/27/2006 08:55:00 AM  

Duh. Forgot our URL.

It's http://downeastblog.blogspot.com

Came here via Jeff from BA.

Wolverine 4/13/2007 07:19:00 AM  

I digg this totally, I read the articel on another website, then read it here.

We owe our FREEDOM to our soldiers, but why cant they protect our freedom over there? IF they fight there the opposing force (al Quede / Taliban) is also there. So they dont come here, and to the US.

Second reason, we have to realise the the majority of our economy runs on oil. Transport, drive to work, flying. When they get really angry, they cut off the oil leaving us with nothing, and back to the pre-oil ages. Also will the oil price drive to astronomical hights so that an ordinary family can't fill up there cars anymore.

I am not comfertable with the thought that we wage war over oil, but it i really protecting the free world in a complicated way. So we in the free world can live as we do!

ps. i Live in the Netherlands, anthis site will go in my favourites.

Anonymous 4/13/2007 07:21:00 AM  

but it i really THINK THE SOLIDERS ARE protecting the free world in a complicated way

Wolverine 4/13/2007 07:24:00 AM  

Last thing,

I really think you must WIN a war, so I agree with you. When civillians houses or helps a Enemy and he gets killed, sad but in a way he is an enemy too.

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