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Tuesday, June 6, 2006

The Guilty American

The MSM and leftist ideologues are focused and obsessed with the alleged incident at Haditha. They long for this story to be true, hoping it will turn public opinion to their side. Dr. Sanity analyzes that obsession, saying they are afflicted with "mental constipation," which she defines as "a blockage of solid ideological conviction through which reality is completely unable to pass."

That's a pretty accurate analysis. She particulary focuses on their knee-jerk "blame America first" meme. They'll cut everyone slack, even ruthless dictators (Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro) and terrorists (Osama bin Laden, al-Zarqawi); but when it comes to their own country - oh no! It's guilty, guilty, guilty, no matter what the charge. The good doctor reminds them that "American values at every level clearly do not support what might have gone down in Haditha. Justice will be done--for both the victims and the accused. And we as Americans [should] consider them innocent until proven guilty." She concludes by noting:
Now, one of my jobs as a psychiatrist is to dig out and bore into the site of the impaction in order to try to clear up the mental plumbing. Only by doing this dirty, and often thankless job, can the rush of reality and truth through the system be restored. But this sort of ideological blockage frequently causes the ego of the sufferer to bloat with self-righteous virtue; while creating the stink of paranoia to issue forth from the mouth; and the massive obstruction frequently re-forms quickly in a sort of self-perpetuating chronic affliction.

It is the old GIGO phenomenon. The left needs to work on changing its unhealthy diet of old, smelly garbage ideas; and begin to metabolize the high fiber of reality if they want to prevent recurrence.
And yet they wonder why they lose elections...

On the same topic, Christopher Hitchens explains why Haditha cannot be compared to My Lai.


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