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Monday, June 26, 2006

Poof! He Was Gone...

[Cross posted from the Kevin and Patrick Blog]

So I was out last night enjoying the beginning of Atlanta's Pride weekend. Drinking, laughing, flirting - it was great. A rather handsome gentleman sat next to me at the bar, we started talking.

Somehow, and for the life of me I can't remember exactly how, politics came up. Being a gay conservative, I generally just avoid the topic. "Gay and conservative" is just never well understood. But since there was vodka involved this time...

Someone mentioned the last presidential election, and how Kerry should have won and boo hoo hoo. I don't know why I said it, it just slipped out I guess, but I said I couldn't have voted for Kerry ever, for anything. Why? Someone asked. Because Kerry is a pussy I said. We need a Commander-in-Chief who understands that we are fighting a war, not conducting a criminal investigation. Mr. Handsome then said, "yeah a lot of my friends voted Libertarian too." I don't know why I said it, it just slipped out I guess, but I said I didn't vote Libertarian. Mr. Handsome said "who'd you vote for then?" - as if there were no other candidates. I don't know why I said it, it just slipped out I guess, but I said I voted for W. Let me tell you, that was a real conversation stopper, that was. Everyone within a 10 foot radius of me got quiet as a corpse.

Before I could get another word out of my mouth, Mr. Handsome had disappeared. Literally. I've never seen anyone be gone so fast. It was like he was raptured - just "poof" he disappeared and left nothing but a spinning barstool behind. My friend Steve who was bartending got a good chuckle out of it. I've had people stop talking to me after they find out I'm of a conservative bent; gradually stop talking to me that is. I've never had anyone bolt away from me like they'd seen the ghost of Reagan standing behind me.

About 10 minutes later Mr. Handsome came back. What can I say? I'm adorable. We sort of picked up where we left off and for the next hour things moved along well. Then he made some off hand comment about Bush hating gay people, and Cheney being a hypocrite about gay marriage, and Halliburton profiteering on the war and getting rich off of Iraqi oil and blah, blah, blah. This time I know why I said what I said. I sighed and layed into him. One, the Democrats don't have a stellar record on gay rights either, they talk-the-talk but they don't walk-the-walk. All we got from Clinton was DOMA, Don't Ask-Don't Tell, and no ENDA. Clinton also advised Kerry to campaign as being opposed to gay marriage; second Cheney is not a hypocrite about gays or gay rights, he fully accepts and loves his lesbian daughter, but he is the Vice-President and he properly defers to the President in matters of policy; third Halliburton isn't getting rich off Iraqi oil. Oil is barely flowing from Iraq, if they're trying to get rich off of it they're doing a piss poor job; but even if they were getting rich, better the money go to an American company than to the French government. I ended by saying that frankly I don't understand gay people that are so short-sighted they cannot see what a danger radical Islam is to the Western world. We sit here in our paradise - and believe me, compared to how gays and lesbians are treated in the rest of the world, America is a paradise - we sit here and we whine and moan about the most trivial bullshit when there are more important things to consider.

Well that did it. He abandoned half his Martini, closed his tab and hit the door. Forget about How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days - I can do it in 10 minutes, and I've got references to prove it. Of course, moonbats are for slaying, not dating - so no big loss.


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