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Saturday, June 3, 2006

Schumer Shows His Ass

New York is in a tizzy about having their homeland security funds cut. Its politicians are thumping their chests about all the dangers the city faces and poo-pooing the awarding of money to other cities, like Atlanta. In fact Senator Schumer went so far as to insult the State of Georgia in typical arrogant Yankee style, saying: "Other states that have very little problems got an increase, Georgia got a 40 percent increase. Somehow this administration thinks that Georgia peanut farmers are more at risk than the Empire State Building. Something is dramatically wrong." Mhmmm. Is that so Mr. Senator? Well Neal Boortz has a little message for you:
Senator. First of all, the money is allocated to the City of Atlanta, not to the State of Georgia. Last time I checked there were no peanut farmers in Atlanta, though you will find peanuts at Atlanta Braves Baseball games. The Braves, senator. Perhaps you've heard of them. Your Mets have finished the last 14 seasons sniffing the Braves' hind quarters. We also have an airport in Atlanta, Senator Schumer. Perhaps you've heard of Hartsfield International Airport? Do we need to remind you that the terrorist attacks of 9/11 were launched from busy airports? Well, ours is the busiest. Hartsfield is busier than LaGuardia and busier than Kennedy. Prettier too, with friendlier people. In fact, Hartsfield is busier than any other airport anywhere in the world. This ain't peanuts, senator. Airports need to be watched and protected, and the largest in the world could very well need more attention than it's getting right now. Something else, Senator Schumer. You do know that terrorists might use biological weapons, don't you? Ever heard of the CDC? The Centers for Disease Control? The CDC is here in Atlanta. You'll find it right in the middle of a peanut field just two miles east of downtown. Just where do you think much of the important research in bio-terrorism is being handled? That's right, the CDC. I don't know if the CDC does any work on peanut allergies. Perhaps you could have one of your staffers check on that. Get back to us on that one, will you? Oh, and by the way ... we have tall buildings in Atlanta too, senator. And they're not peanut storage facilities. They house the offices of many of the nation's Fortune 500 companies. Some of them are even tall enough to have elevators. I'm not in the apology game, Senator Schumer, so I'm not asking for one from you. I did just want to point out that you did an exemplary job of showing your ass with that statement about Georgia and peanut farmers. Thanks for fortifying the image that so many Americans have of people from New York.
New York is still getting more anti-terrorism money than any other state or local entity in the country. Senator Schumer, our nation is at risk everyday. A terrorist attack could happen anywhere. New York, while it has suffered the lion's share of pain from terrorism, needs to learn that it ain't all about them. It's all about America.


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