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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

If Israel Has No Right To Exist, Then Neither Does The United States...

So says Michael Medved, and he makes a damn good argument.
The Jewish connection to Israel, in other words, remained impassioned and unbroken for some three thousand years, while the British connection with North American began only in 1607 (with Jamestown) and 1620 (with the Pilgrims at Plymouth). No European settlers to the New World claimed an ancient connection to the land they discovered, developed, and gradually populated. Moreover, the Native Americans who preceded them came to the Western Hemisphere across the land bridge from Asia at the very latest some 13,000 years before the White Men arrived, while the Arabs appeared in Israel for the first time in the 7th Century.

If opponents of the modern Jewish State argue that Israelis have no meaningful claim on the land they occupy then on what basis do today’s Americans have a stake in the vast continent once inhabited by millions of members of hundreds of Indian tribes?

Just as the population of the United States is made up of people whose forebears came from every corner of the globe—from Africa and Asia and Latin America as well as Europe—so too Israel has been populated by immigrants of all imaginable shades of skin color, from more than 80 nations (including a major recent influx from Ethiopia) on six continents. In neither case does the slogan “Go Back to Europe Where You Came From” make even the most superficial sort of sense.
There has been a Jewish population in what is now Israel for countless milennia, but our ancestors only showed up at Plymouth Rock about four centuries ago. So, for those of you who question the validity of the modern Jewish state and its right to exist, are you ready to pack up your belongings, hand over the key to your house to the nearest Iroquois, Choctaw, or Apache indian and high-tail it back to Mother England? Yeah, I didn't think so...


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