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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's JetBlue's Plane, So What's The Problem?

Another example of Muslims not understanding why they reap such ill will these days. JetBlue made Iraqi architect Raed Jarrar (you can read his blog here) change shirts before boarding one of their flights from New York to LA. He is of course offended. Well too bad, and here's why.

Okay, it was just a t-shirt with a fairly benign slogan (We Will Not Be Silent) written in Arabic and English. Unfortunately, in this day and age Muslims aren't allowed to be offended, or feel put-upon when given close scrutiny; especially where airplanes are concerned. Also, it's JetBlue's plane, not the governments. If JetBlue wants you to change shirts before you fly, then JetBlue can make you change shirts before you fly. Being on their plane is a privilege, not a right.

If Mr. Jarrar feels discriminated against, then he needs to take a loud, uncompromising stand against the Islamofacists, who are the true villains in this story. Until he and his fellow Muslims rise up and help stamp out their radical brethren, he has no right to feel put out, put down, put upon, shocked, or dismayed by the actions of a rightfully suspicious public.


Gary McGath 8/30/2006 04:54:00 PM  

If you order merchandise, the seller accepts the order and your payment, and then the seller decides not to ship it to you because he doesn't like your clothes, would you say that getting the merchandise you paid for is "a privilege and not a right"?

I don't recall that any news story said that Jarrar was offered a seat if he could document having spoken against Islamofascists. Where did you come up with the notion that that would have made a difference?

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