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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Always The Little Ones Got Something To Prove - Rosie Velez, in Lust In The Dust

He's 5'4" and full of himself...which isn't hard when you're only 5'4" - there's not that much to fill. Of course his "Ahmadinejad" "Members Only" jacket sure makes him look taller, at least 5'4 1/4". Find out more about what makes Mahmoud "Shorty" Ahmadinejad tick like a nuclear detonator in Time Magazine's A Date With a Dangerous Mind:
He is wearing blue-gray trousers, black loafers and the trademark tan jacket that even he calls his "Ahmadinejad jacket." He mutters something to himself as he settles into an aging leather chair with bad springs. For a moment, he seems irked by the chair, perhaps because it makes him seem even smaller than his 5 ft. 4 in., but soon he's smiling, prodding, leaning forward to make his points.
Debbie Schlussel sums up the interview nicely:
  • More Holocaust denial, more anti-Semitism, and support for the Palestinians;
  • George Bush needs to change his behavior, not me;
  • Christians act unChristian, "Death to America" doesn't really mean "Death to America," various unbelievable definitions of what it really means;
  • I'm against nukes. I just make them for a hobby in my free time;
  • I didn't need to visit the WTC site--I saw it on TV. Translation: Who cares about those dead Americans? It's a start.
Too bad we couldn't get Ahmadinejad, Chavez, Evo Morales, and Kim Jong Il all together in one spot. Maybe together they'd make a big enough target to hit.


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