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Monday, September 4, 2006

I Do Not Understand Some People's Choice Of Vacation Destinations

I used to work in the travel biz, so I know that Europeans will sleep under a blue tarp beneath a freeway overpass and forage for a continental breakfast with the homeless as long as it doesn't cost more than $29.99 a night. Cheap I at least understand; but really people, the Middle East? A war zone? Glorious ruins or not, that is no tourist destination. How do I know? Read this:
AMMAN, Jordan — A lone gunman from the same region as the slain Al Qaeda in Iraq leader opened fire Monday on Western tourists visiting the ruins of a Roman ampitheater. Police said a British man was killed and six other people wounded, and the assailant was being interrogated for terror ties.
Now, I'm not blaming the victims, the crime was committed by an Islamic Radical, a jihadist, an Islamofascist death worshiper. A free people should be free to vacation where they please; including the third world though God only knows what the attraction there is. With that being said, use a little common sense people; no place is completely safe, but I'll still take Adelaide over Amman, Chicago over Cairo, or Dublin over Damascas - thank you very much.

ht: Jihad Watch, Malkin


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