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Thursday, September 7, 2006

Reconsideration Of The President's Strategery

Okay, I took some deep breaths and got a good nights sleep, so I'm past my near apoplectic reaction to the announcement that "high-value detainees now being held at secret CIA prisons will be transferred to the Department of Defense and granted protections under the 1949 Geneva Conventions."

It seems there may be some method to the madness. From HotAir.com:
Actually, this is pretty shrewd. Superficially, Bush gets to come clean about the CIA prisons and act benevolent in granting this piece of filth POW status in one fell swoop, but what he’s really after is putting public pressure on Congress to approve military tribunals, not full courts-martial, for detainees. It’ll be a lot harder for the House and Senate to grant full due process protection to Al Qaeda prisoners now that one of the potential beneficiaries is the mastermind of 9/11 himself.
It also seems that the Islamofascist bastards won't be getting full POW status (which they do not deserve) but only the Article 3 protections that were granted to the Gitmo detainees in Hamdan. Also, while empty now, the CIA interrogation centers will not be closed - they'll simply wait for new terrorist bastard detainees that need to be "debriefed" before heading to Gitmo.

As Allahpundit said, this decision was made for the President by the Supreme Court; it's now a salvage job. Kudos to Bush for knocking the ball into the Democrats court. Now they must put-up or shut-up about their commitment to national security and the War on Terror. The President has asked Congress to:
1. List specifically which interrogation procedures will violate the War Crimes Act.
2. Make clear that interrogators are authorized under Article 3.
3. Prevent terrorists from using Article 3 to sue interrogators.
Read Mario Loyola's take on the maneuver here.

Stop The ACLU has a good round-up as well.


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