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Friday, September 29, 2006

Shame On You Mark Foley

How dare you Mark Foley. You may have hurt yourself, but I don't really give a good god damn about that. You've brought reproach on your party and done who knows what kind of damage to it in the elections this fall. You may have also seriously confused or caused emotional upset to a young man in Florida. Shame on you for putting your dick hunt ahead of your responsibilities, and shame on you for not honestly answering the question that everyone already knew the answer too. What you have done is reprehensible.

UPDATE: Not to condone Foley's lack of morals, but to keep things in perspective, remember gay sex scandals involving underage boys and male prostitutes are nothing new in Congress. Remember Gerry E. Studds (D. MASS) who was censured by the House for a sexual relationship with and underage male page! But as Gerry said, it's no body's business but his if he screws underage boys. Oh, and who can forget the little incident involving the former ManWhore of Barney Frank (D. MASS)? Seems that Barney's "gentleman friend" was running the Best Little Whore House in DC right outta Barney's house! Of course as Barney explained, he was merely playing "Henry Higgins" to the ManWhore's "Eliza Doolittle." Yeah right.

Neither incident harmed Studd's or Frank's careers in Congress. Studds served five more years and Frank is still there! It seems the Democrats can always forgive and defend their own sexual miscreants from the White House on down - it's always a "personal" matter after all. Oh, but a let a Republican fall off the perch and if there's no immediate public beheading then the GOP is nothing but a corrupt bastion of evil.


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