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Sunday, October 22, 2006

CNN - The Caliphate News Network - Helping America's Enemies

CNN, a traitorous network in our midst. Salivating at the thought of airing footage of American soldiers being killed by Islamofascist snipers in Iraq. Removing CNN reporters from embedded positions with our soldiers in Iraq should be the least of their punishments. Every CNN reporter should have every credential that allows access to the government stripped from them; the White House, the Pentagon, Homeland Security, and all the branches of our military. Their access should be permanently denied.

California Representative Duncan Hunter (R-El Cajon) said:
SAN DIEGO, October 21, 2006 - The chairman of the House Armed Services Committee asked the Pentagon on Friday to remove CNN reporters embedded with U.S. combat troops, saying the network's broadcast of a video showing insurgent snipers targeting U.S. soldiers was tantamount to airing an enemy propaganda film.

The tape, which came to the network through contact with an insurgent leader, was aired Wednesday night on "Anderson Cooper 360" and repeated Thursday.

In a letter to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., wrote: "CNN has now served as the publicist for an enemy propaganda film featuring the killing of an American soldier." The letter was also signed by San Die
go-area Republican congressmen Darrell Issa and Brian Bilbray.
An investigation into whether or not they have aided and abetted the enemy should be held. Charges of treason should be brought if it is found they've given aid or comfort to the enemy.

Just FYI, Rush Limbaugh reminds us that CNN doesn't think it appropriate to broadcast the video from Nine-Eleven because it's too disturbing.
It's terrorist propaganda, essentially. It is videotape which shows snipers in Iraq killing American servicemen. Now, we can't see the video of 9/11, because we don't have the mental toughness. "It's too soon. It's too traumatic." We can't see that again on the news. We can't see pictures of Americans, innocent Americans jumping from the higher floors of the World Trade Center, committing suicide to avoid burning to death.

No, no, no, we can't see that, but we can see videotape on CNN of US soldiers being shot by snipers in Iraq. Now, CNN's not entirely insensitive. They do fade to black before the moment of impact when the soldier dies. I wonder if terrorists were taking sniper type potshots at journalists running around, CNN would find that newsworthy. "A CNN executive said Thursday the network's effort to present the unvarnished truth." Let's face it, CNN, the "unvarnished truth" to you is not the unvarnished truth of reality. The unvarnished truth that is CNN's is that America sucks, that America is to blame, America deserves to lose.
Screw you CNN. You've made it abundantly clear over the years that your loyalty lies with the enemies of America. You make me ashamed to have to admit that the headquarters for your treasonous filth is in my city - Atlanta. As far as I'm concerned you're nothing more than the Caliphate News Network.


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