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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Show Trials And Monkeyshines

Do you really, really want to allow murderous Islamofascists to be tried in the civilian court system of the United States? Do you really want terrorism treated like a criminal law issue? Do you really want years - YEARS - of Zacarias Moussai style monkeyshines and defense lawyer devilments that keep justice from being served and cause more damage to America's national security? Ann Coulter points out that our courts have plenty of looney liberal judges, appointed by Carter and Clinton, that would be all to happy to let Khalid Shaikh Mohammed walk free and clear with apologies for America treating him so badly.
It would be frightening enough to treat terrorism as a criminal law problem if it were Republicans saying it. But these are Democrats. Their idea of a major criminal case is Tom DeLay's campaign treasurer accidentally depositing a campaign contribution into a checking account rather than a savings account.

By contrast, terrorists imprisoned in Guantanamo for trying to kill Americans must be treated as innocent little lambs. Oh, to be there when Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman is exonerated due to previously unavailable "DNA evidence"!
Ann also reminds us that in the past, America has handled treason, sabotage, and terrorism in a much more sane and efficient manner:
Gen. George Washington tried Major John Andre, Benedict Arnold's British co-conspirator, by military tribunal and ordered Andre hanged within 10 days of his capture. Nazi saboteurs, including an American citizen, captured on U.S. soil during World War II were tried in secret by military commission and promptly executed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The Nuremberg trials were a form of military tribunal.
So what will it be for you? Treat the Islamofascist terrorists like the murderous, enemy thugs they are or coddle them through our civilian court system until they are found "not guilty" by reason that Bu$hitler is the real war criminal? I know which choice I'm making.


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