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Thursday, November 9, 2006

Democrats Gained Control But Conservatism Won The Day

George Will gives a good analysis of what the election means for Republicans: remember where you came from or keep losing:
WASHINGTON -- At least Republicans now know where "the bridge to nowhere'' leads: to the political wilderness. But there are three reasons for conservatives to temper their despondency.

First, they were punished not for pursuing but for forgetting conservatism. Second, they admire market rationality, and the political market has worked. Third, on various important fronts, conservatism continued its advance Tuesday.

Tuesday's House result -- the end of 12 years of Republican control -- was normal; the reason for it was unprecedented. The Democrats' 40 years of control of the House before 1994 was aberrant: In the 140 years since 1866, the first post-Civil War election, party control of the House has now changed 15 times -- an average of once every 9.3 years. But never before has a midterm election so severely repudiated a president for a single policy.

The Iraq War, like the Alaska bridge, pungently proclaims how Republicans earned their rebuke. They are guilty of apostasy from conservative principles at home (frugality, limited government) and embrace of anti-conservative principles abroad (nation-building grandiosity pursued incompetently).
Will couldn't be more correct. He also points out the following:
  1. Eminent Domain was rolled back in nine states; include my home state of Georgia.
  2. Race based affirmative action in public education and hiring was ended in Michigan.
  3. Solidly Democratic Minnesota re-elected their Republican Governor.
  4. The number of Republicans in the House will remain larger than it was under Ronald Regan.
We now find ourselves in a unique political situation. Both parties must change, and must prove to the American electorate that they are capable of change and can adapt to lead the nation. This will prove to be good medicine for both the DNC and the GOP.


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