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Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Drama Queen In A Pear Tree...

Tammy Bruce highlights the ABC News "scary tale" of Nick Ivicevich - a pear farmer in California - who let (yes, let) his crops die and rot because he couldn't get cheap Mexican labor due to a much needed increase in security along the Mexican border. Apparently the new alarmist schtick is that we're all going to starve to death with out Mexicans to pick our food for us.

Why Mr. Ivicevich may even have to "destroy entire orchards that were planted more than a century ago." I guess it's a good thing I don't like pears. Why didn't Mr. Ivicevich try and find American workers to help with the harvest? Here's the truth: Ivicevich "needs" Mexican labor because he doesn't want to pay Americans more to do the same job, to which I say poppycock. Now suck it up and do the right thing Ivicevich. Here's a quote from the news story that strikes more fear in me than losing a pear crop:
"Do we want to become dependent on foreign food like we are on foreign oil?" asked Toni Scully, a California pear shipper. "Or do we want to recognize that our food is put on our table by Mexican workers who need a legal way, and deserve a legal way, to come into this country?"
I'm sorry Ms. Scully, did you say the Mexican workers deserve to come into this country? I went back and reread the U.S. Constitution and I couldn't find one place where it said there is a right for anyone and everyone who wants to come here to be allowed in.

I don't know about harvesting the pear crop, but there's certainly enough bullsh-t in this ABC scare tactic to fertilize it. VDARE has more here.


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