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Monday, November 27, 2006

Maureen Dowd Is A Loser

In a recent subscription-required column, No One to Lose To, Maureen Dowd - always a bright spot of optimism and hope, longs for someone for the United States to surrender to in Iraq. Her model for the perfect end to a war is Vietnam, where the VietCong brought "law and order" after the Americans left. Not to mention concentration camps, religious and political persecution, and millions of refugees. She longs for the return of such a dictatorship in Iraq to bring "law and order" so we can leave. Screw the Iraqis, apparently they can just rot as far as Dowd is concerned. Mark Finklestein at NewsBusters.org notes:
So, Maureen longs for a dictator who will impose "law and order"? Wasn't she part of the same crowd condemning various administrations for doing just that with strong men from Batista to the Shah to Pinochet? But hey, a lady's always entitled to change her mind. Should we look for Dowd to pop up in Baghdad sometime soon, leading a "Bring Back Saddam" movement?
Isn't Dowdy just a lovely, charitable, upright human being? Oh sorry, I meant selfish, arrogant, bitch of a human being.

ht: NewsBusters


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