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Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Playground - A Land Of Legalities

Don't ask how the subject came up. A friend and I were trying to remember the incantations to "immunize" oneself against the cooties. Hey, if you've ever been hit on in a bar, you know it's still a valuable skill. At any rate, if you've ever wondered why Congress gets bogged down in endless details, you can trace it all back to the playground...
The song circle circle, dot dot is also a playground song that supposedly serves to immunize a child from the affliction of cooties. The words are as follows:
Circle, circle.
Dot, dot.
Now you got your cootie shot.

The words circle and dot are accompanied by the corresponding shape being traced (or, in some cases, drawn with a pen or marker) on the recipient's hand or arm. If the cootie shot was self-administered, "you" and "your" may be substituted with "I" and "my". In some areas a self-administered shot is not considered effective (the "shot" is considered to have been already infected with cooties).

There are also several variations [including]:

  • Circle, circle.
  • Square, square.
  • Now I have it everywhere. ("it" being the shot, thus = Now I'm protected everywhere...this includes all posessions and up to a 209.348 cubic foot radius around the innoculated person) (Or "Now it will stay there." Again, "it" implies the cootie shot.)

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