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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Dain-Bramaged Left Strikes Again

An 18 year old staffer for presidential candidate Tom Tancredo has been outted by the rabid lefty gays. Sad, sad, sad. These damaged middle aged homos can't sleep at night unless everyone else feels bad! But that's sort of the catch-22 of modern leftism isn't it? Share the misery. So insecure about themselves and upset that Ma and Pa Square State don't applaud whenever they give a blow-job they have to tear down kids (or anyone actually) in order to feel good about themselves. Quite frankly, it stinks - but it is very liberal of them.

Read the comments over at The Gist (a
Michael Signorile blog) and see if you don't get sick to your stomach...

UPDATE 6/17: For anyone who thinks that I'm just randomly outraged and "tearing down" people who I simply disagree with, I'll let the left wing hate mongers speak for themselves here, here, and here. And for Brett who left a comment on this post, I'll simply say that if I were speaking of George "Bu$Hitler" or "Darth" Cheney in this post the only comment he would have left would most likely be "amen."

ht: Robbie at The Malcontent


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