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Monday, July 23, 2007

Clubbing For Allah

Living in America we don't often hear of the same types of problems that come from non-assimilating Muslims in Europe. I wonder why? Anyway, there is apparently a big problem in European night clubs stemming from Muslim troublemakers who are unable to behave themselves according to Western mores and cultural standards; most often it's their utter lack of respect for women. Gates of Vienna has more on the problem here and here.
The overwhelming majority of problems in the discotheques can be related to young, Muslim immigrants. So says one of the owners of Australian Bar in Copenhagen, Tommy Petersen, who has appeared several times in media stories for rejecting immigrants. Tommy Petersen underscores that it has nothing to do with racism and discrimination:

“They are mostly unable to behave themselves because they don’t know, or will not respect, the norms and mores of the local nightlife,” he says.

Some discotheques made an agreement with the cops: They maintain a photo gallery of the “usual suspects” which makes it legal to reject matching faces. Others have established themselves as members-only, but the Muslims somehow figured that one out, so now they’re whining and seething about “racism” once more.

Fortunately, man’s best friend came into the play: by claiming an anti-drug policy some discotheques now place a “sniffer-dog” at the door. Poodles, bulldogs — whatever. It doesn’t matter: Muslims are afraid of being touched by dogs, so they leave the place without further ado.

While the Danes just pat the tail-wagging doggie on the head and walk right in.

Some of the tactics being used to keep them out of the clubs in Europe grate on my American sensibilities, but I can completely understand the club owners not wanting to deal with them. They don't spend money, they harass female customers, and they fight at the slightest provocation. What other option is there other than trying to keep them out of the clubs?

This issue of course is merely a symptom of Europe's greater problem. Unassimilated foreigners that will eventually out number the native Europeans. America should keep a close eye on Europe's woes and take action to keep it from happening here. It must be made absolutely clear that you will respect Western culture and you will assimilate, or you can go home to culture more acceptable to you. No other options. Period.


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