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Saturday, August 25, 2007

God's Warriors: A Review

Robert J. Avrech, of Seraphic Secret, reviews Christiane Amanpour's hit piece on non-Islamic monotheism, God's Warriors:

God's Jewish Warriors: Watching Al Jazeera, Part I

Then fullback lady pulls out the big guns: Actual Jewish terrorists. She comes up with Baruch Goldstein, Yigal Amir, and a group who rigged explosives to the car of an Arab Mayor they suspected of aiding terrorists and who planned on blowing up an Arab girl's school, Disgusting and wrong, but they were caught and arrested, by Jewish cops, thank G-d.

That's it for Jewish terror.

Masturbatory Muslim Lovefest God's Muslim Warriors: Watching Al Jazeera, Part II

Al Jazeera lady focuses on a homicide shooter. And he did it, according to his proud family, because a little Arab girl—accidentally shot my the mean Israelis—died in his arms.

Yeah, you see before he turned all terrorist and nasty, he wanted to be, get this, an artist.

Papa holds up a sample of his "art."

I kid you not, the art is rudimentary stick figures drawn by a four year old — maybe. Terrorist boy was an artist like I'm a theoretical mathematician.

The point of the segment: the terrorist act was really Israel's fault.

Which is a lot like cutting off a man's leg and then blaming him for limping.

I'm waiting for Al Jazeera lady, who's supposed to be like this major feminist, to do a hard-hitting segment on honor killings. An everyday thing in the Arab/Muslim world.

Jihad apologist Karen Armstrong has just provided the perfect opening with her Orwellian nonsense about Islam being so user-friendly for women. But guess what?

Nothing. Nada. Zero. Black hole for honor killings.

You know what country does not tolerate honor killings in the Middle East?


God's Christian Warriors: Watching Al Jazeera, Part III

Tonight she's going after Christians. The only thing missing is The Coliseum, howling Romans, hungry lions, you get the picture.

Reverend Falwell's Liberty University in Lynchburg Virginia is Godless Secular Warrior Lady's first stop. Quick shots of — prepare yourselves for some shocking images: separate male and female dormitories.

Godless Secular Warrior Lady darkly intones: "Separate male, female dormitories. Separate washrooms and showers for men and women.”
I watched all three parts myself. It was nauseating and infuriating, blatantly anti-Judeo-Christian and CNN should be ashamed.


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