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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Irrational Fear-o-Rama

Scott-o-Rama is afraid that the big bad gubmint is gonna be taking notes on his daily life...

Let me ask you this. Would you rather our government did nothing if they found a citizen consorting with possible (or known) terrorists overseas or at home? Even if the citizen had no idea his new “friends” might actually be trying to attack his country? Or would you rather that they do their j-o-b, which is to protect and defend us.

It all comes down to ones fundamental beliefs about our nation. Scott-o-Rama is afraid of his government and thinks that there is an active, powerful, shadowy movement afoot seeking to strip us of our rights and presumably lock us up in Republican run re-education camps. Which is odd, because at times he also seems to think it's incompetent. “Fiendishly incompetent,” yeah, right.

I think random abuses do occur (not that what S-o-R described in his post would be an abuse), but on the whole the government does it’s job well. It certainly doesn’t waste time investigating unless it has a very good reason; and it isn’t giving up “essential liberty” to allow the government to investigate possible crimes. Sheesh.


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