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Monday, September 24, 2007

Live Blogging Ahmadinejad's Appearance At Columbia

QC: Due to my poor typing skills, this will not, of course, be a word for word transcript of what is said. I'll try and link to one after this circus is done.

Selected quotes from Ahmadinejad's address at Columbia, via Breitbart

1:50pm: The president of Columbia, Lee Bollinger, is telling us why the university had to allow Ahmadinejad to speak.

1:53pm: Bollinger is reprimanding the president for the imprisoning of academics, the execution of children, and public executions in general.

1:55pm: Bollinger certainly isn't mincing words, I'll give him that. Bollinger said the university hadn't been shy about protesting the U.S. government and wouldn't be shy about criticizing him. Then he called Ahmadinejad "a petty and cruel dictator."

Bollinger called him ridiculous and astonishingly uneducated for denying the Holocaust. He is now taking Ahmadinejad to task for calling for the destruction of Israel. Reminding Ahmadinejad that Columbia is a center for Jewish studies, he asked "do you intend to wipe us off the map too?"

QC: Let me answer that one Mr. Bollinger... Yes, if he could, he would.

Bollinger said he doesn't expect Ahmadinejad to answer any of these hard questions and that will weaken him back home in Iran.

QC: This isn't so much an intro as a pimp slap. Kudos to President Bollinger. And here comes the Nut Ball. Ahmadinejad is complaining about the "political statements" against him as a sign of disrespect. Blah blah blah. Of course some students with pudding for brains are applauding him for that. Ahmadinejad says he should have been allowed to speak first, and that Bollinger took some of "his" time alloted to speak. Many of Bollinger's claims were "incorrect" apparently. Academics and religious scholars "shine light" he says. Oh God, he's starting with the story of Adam...this is gonna take a while... Koran quotes, Koran quotes, Koran quotes... Booorrring... Billy Graham he ain't... I can only assume something is being lost in the translation... Ah ha... I think I see where he's going... We misuse science and education to deny reality... in other words Islam and to deceive people... in other words Muslims. And here it comes, we are being controlled by our government through fear and used to fight against foreign cultures. Why didn't he just say so?

Ahmadinejad: The "Big Powers" are denying other nations progress [QC: In other words nukes]. Science [QC: In other words nukes] is God's gift to all nations.

QC: Ahmadinejad reminds us he is an "academic" too and didn't receive respect from other academic groups, just insults. Now he's off on the 60 years of oppression of the Palestinian people. 60 freakin' years, we get it, we get it...

Ahmadinejad asks two questions:

1) If the holocaust happened, why can we not approach the subject from different academic perspectives? Why should the Palestinian people pay the price of an event they had nothing to do with? If the Holocaust happened it happened in Europe.

2) Iran is a member of the IAEA, and the bylaws state all member states have the right to peaceful nuclear technology, why can we not have it? [QC: In other words we want nukes] The IAEA has reported no illegal research and we let them inspect our facilities. And something about spare aircraft parts? [QC: I'm not sure he understands what a "question" is... Statements though, he's got that down pat.]

The Q&A Session...

Question 1: Do you or your government seek the destruction of Israel as the Jewish state?

Answer 1: We love all nations and many Jews live in Iran in peace and security. Jews are represented in the Iranian parliament. To solve the Palestinian problem the Palestinians (of all faiths) must have self determination. [QC: He didn't answer the question, and is being asked to clarify... yes or no.] We recognize there's a 60 year problem. Let there be a referendum. [QC: He still didn't answer the question.]

Question 2: Why is your country aiding terrorists? Will you stop?

Answer 2: If someone comes and explodes bombs around you, how would you treat them? Would you reward them or name them a terrorist group? You would call them a terrorist group. Iran is a victim of terrorism. [QC: WTF?] The U.S. government is supporting terrorists that have attacked the Iranian government. [QC: Who are these dumbfuck students applauding his answers?]

Question 3: Since the Holocaust has been well documented, why is more research needed?

Answer 3: Can you argue that research of historical events ever done? Why should we ever stop progress and research?

Question 4: Iranian women and homosexuals are denied basic rights, and subject to persecution. Why?

Answer 4: Iranian freedom is true freedom. Women enjoy great freedom. They serve in government and science. It is wrong for one government to spread lies about another government.

As for the executions. If someone establishes a network for illicit drugs would you reward them? Don't you have capital punishment in the U.S. In Iran too, there is capital punishment for drug traffickers, murderers, kidnappers. Iran has laws. [QC: lot's about drugs, not much about the mo's] We don't have homosexuals in Iran like in your country. We do not have this phenomena. [QC: There you have it. No homosexuals in Iran. Uh, yeah. This man is a fruit cake.] As for women are respected more than men, they are exempt for many legal responsibilities as a sign of respect.

Question 5: What did you hope to accomplish by visiting the World Trade Center site?

Answer 5: You invited me as a guest to Columbia. In Iran we respect guests. I wanted to visit the WTC site last year but our plans would not allow. I wanted to visit this year, but regretfully some groups objected. It's sad, to not allow someone to show respect for the families affected by the tragedy. September 11 was a huge event, it lead to the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq. It lead to fear in our region. The root causes of September 11 should be studied, who was really involved, in order to fix the tensions in the middle east.

Question 6: Will you stop seeking nuclear weapons.

Answer 6: Our nuclear program is lawful and is completely peaceful.

Question 7: Will Iran open talks with the U.S. government?

Answer 7: From the start we have announced we are ready to talk will all nations. Since 28 years ago when we overthrew the Shah's government, we have wanted friendly relationships. EXCEPT for the old South African government and the current Zionist entity.

QC: The rest is just "niceties" such as thanks for inviting him to speak and inviting the students and faculty of Columbia to visit Iran. Blah, blah, blah... Ahmadinejad rambled and fumbled incoherently for most of his speaking time. It was not surprising that he dodged the hard questions he was asked. I think President Lee Bollinger did an excellent job of taking the wind out of Ahmadinejad's sails before he even got started. While we heard nothing new from Ahmadinejad, I think the Free World got a very clear idea of his evil and addle brained ideology. Question though? What will the people in Iran get to hear? Will they hear President Bollinger taking Ahmadinejad to task, or just the rambling and the applause for him from the pudding headed students and faculty in the audience?


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