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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Your Public Schools In Action

Case 1 - The lunatic called Sister Jessica who has terrorized kids at the Houston elementary school where she is a substitute teacher:
Parents in Houston said they were terrified when they found out what a substitute teacher has been teaching their children.

Students at MacGregor Elementary School said the substitute makes them call her "Sister Jessica" and take notes of her lessons.

"She said she doesn't want to be called 'Miss' because it means mistress and 'Mister' means slave master," said one of the fifth-graders who did not want to be identified. [...]

"She said sugar is cocaine, McDonald's should be called 'Crack Donald's' and Burger King should be called 'Murder King' because the hormones in the food will kill you," the student said.
Sounds like Sistah Jessica has her nose too deep in the "sugar bowl." Please note, this nut job is still teaching at the school!

Case 2 - Not content to defame only Columbus Day, Thanksgiving is now a prime target of the loony left. The Seattle Public School District wants you to know that Thanksgiving is a time to be anything but thankful. Full of guilt and remorse yes, but not thanks. According to a letter sent to Seattle teachers by Dr. Caprice D. Hollins, Director of Race, Equity & Learning Support, Thanksgiving is absolutely riddled with "myths" (11 to be precise, as laid out by Judy Dow and Beverly Slapin) perpetuated by whitey, oops, I mean the euro-centric among us, including:
Myth #2: The people who came across the ocean on the Mayflower were called Pilgrims.

Fact: The Plymouth settlers did not refer to themselves as “Pilgrims.” Pilgrims are people who travel for religious reasons, such as Muslims who make a pilgrimage to Mecca. [QC: emphasis mine] Most of those who arrived here from England were religious dissidents who had broken away from the Church of England. They called themselves “Saints”; others called them “Separatists.” Some of the settlers were “Puritans,” dissidents but not separatists who wanted to “purify” the Church. It wasn’t until around the time of the American Revolution that the name “Pilgrims” came to be associated with the Plimoth settlers, and the “Pilgrims” became the symbol of American morality and Christian faith, fortitude, and family.

Myth #11: Thanksgiving is a happy time

Fact: For many Indian people,“Thanksgiving” is a time of mourning, of remembering how a gift of generosity was rewarded by theft of land and seed corn, extermination of many from disease and gun, and near total destruction of many more from forced assimilation. As currently celebrated in this country, “Thanksgiving” is a bitter reminder of 500 years of betrayal returned for friendship.
Sounds like someone is putting a little "sugar" in the old peace pipe...

I for one intend to celebrate Thanksgiving and be THANKFUL for all the blessings in my life; including living in a country where people like Dr. Hollins, Judy Dow, and Beverly Slapin are free to be idiots.


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