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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Republicans: Don't Let The Liberals Choose Your Candidate

All the hubbub in the mainstream media anointing John McCain as the front runner and the inevitable GOP candidate is under my skin in a big way. Especially considering his relatively poor showing in the caucuses and primaries. "Winning" a state with 30-something percent of the vote isn't what counts, it's the number delegates you take to the party convention. That means the Mitt Romney is the GOP front runner. But that doesn't phase CNN, or the New York Times, or MSNBC. Nope, they've decided for you: McCain is your man.

But not so fast, say some conservative writers and pundits.

Real "Scoop" on McCain by Michael Graham
Well, the media still love him. Republican primary voters? Not so much.

On Saturday, with the South Carolina establishment supporting him, and in a state where his biggest competition was a squirrel-eating Baptist preacher, John McCain got a whopping 33 percent of the vote. More telling, he managed just 140,000 votes.

If McCain had just held onto the South Carolina voters who supported him in 2000, he would have gotten a majority of the total vote and won a truly impressive victory. Instead, he lost 100,000 votes, beat Mike Huckabee by 3 percent and he’s the "inevitable front-runner?"

I don’t think so.

McCain enjoyed the same "success" in New Hampshire and Michigan. In New Hampshire, his vote total fell to 89,000. In Michigan, the guy who snagged 600,000 votes in 2000 scraped together just 257,000 votes this time around.

Three states, 500,000 fewer McCain voters. No wonder he’s a shoo-in!
John McCain: The Geraldo Rivera Republican ~ by Michelle Malkin
"I got the message," he told voters in South Carolina. "We will secure the borders first."

But how can McCain cure citizens’ distrust when his own credibility on the issue remains fatally damaged? He doesn’t believe his own election-year spin. And he knows we know it. This is cynicism on steroids with a speedball chaser.

Not all of us have forgotten how the short-fused Arizona senator cursed good-faith opponents in his own party ("F**k you!" and "Chickensh*t" were the choice words he had for Texas GOP Sen. John Cornyn during a spat over enforcement provisions). Not all of us have forgotten that he voted against barring felons from receiving amnesty benefits under his plan. Not all of us have forgotten the underhanded, debate-sabotaging manner in which McCain/Kennedy/Graham/Harry Reid conspired to ram their package down voters’ throats.

His admission of the shamnesty failure is grudging and bitter. While he now tells conservative voters what they want to hear about the need to build the southern border fence, he takes a contemptuous tone toward physical barriers when talking to businessmen. "By the way, I think the fence is least effective," he told executives in Milwaukee, according to a recent Vanity Fair profile. "But I’ll build the goddamned fence if they want it." Straight talk? Try hate talk.
"Straight Talk" Express Takes Scenic Route to Truth ~ by Ann Coulter
John McCain is Bob Dole minus the charm, conservatism and youth. Like McCain, pollsters assured us that Dole was the most "electable" Republican. Unlike McCain, Dole didn't lie all the time while claiming to engage in Straight Talk.

Of course, I might lie constantly too, if I were seeking the Republican presidential nomination after enthusiastically promoting amnesty for illegal aliens, Social Security credit for illegal aliens, criminal trials for terrorists, stem-cell research on human embryos, crackpot global warming legislation and free speech-crushing campaign-finance laws.
Why Should We Shut Up? ~ from Rush Limbaugh
When Huckabee was coming out of nowhere in Iowa, we had numerous pundits on the left who write their conservatism to be read by liberals, jumping on the Huckabee bandwagon. And then McCain came out of nowhere in New Hampshire, and then they jumped on the McCain bandwagon. Romney wins in Michigan, and they didn't jump on the Romney bandwagon. They stayed on the McCain bandwagon. Then we go to Wyoming, and Romney won all the delegates there, and they didn't jump on the Romney bandwagon. They stayed on the McCain bandwagon and hoped for Huckabee. And then we get to South Carolina and Nevada. In Nevada, Romney cleans up, and nobody talks about it. "Romney is nowhere. He's off the charts. He should quit. Thompson should quit. He should get out of the race!" They remain on the McCain bandwagon. Now the people on the McCain bandwagon are telling those of us who aren't on the McCain bandwagon, to shut up. Just be quiet. We are supposedly damaging the Republican Party. [. . .]

What occurs to me is to engage him and discuss what he says and try to prove him wrong. It's the same thing with whoever it is -- Bill Kristol is one -- who's now on the McCain bandwagon. He's been on the McCain bandwagon since 2000. By the way, McCain wants people to shut up. That's called McCain-Feingold. McCain passed the first successful, major shut-up bill in the history of the country. McCain-Feingold was an abridgement of free speech. McCain wants people to shut up. Why should we shut up? Why don't they shut up?
I don't like John McCain or his non-conservative record, and regardless of whether I'll support him in the general election if he gets the GOP nod, I don't intend to stop helping to point out his gigantic flaws. Let's decide this for ourselves people, rather than letting Ted Turner, Pinch Schulzberger, or Keith Olbermann pick our candidate.


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