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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Oooph! I'm It!

I've been tagged by Alice the Camel! What can I say? Prada isn't made for outrunning quadrupeds in the sand, so here goes...

Six Meaningless Things About Your Favorite Queer:

1) Unlike most gay men, I cannot wrap gifts. I must either pay for the service or beg a friend to help me.

2) I love napping. Not just occasionally but like as a hobby. I've often thought of becoming a professional power napper.

3) I hate snakes. All of them, every species. They're all deadly poisonous and should be driven to extinction.

4) I accidentally hit and killed a bunny rabbit driving home tonight and I had to pull over and cry (okay, sob) for a few minutes before I could go on.

5) I cuss too much. It's a personal weakness and I made it my focus for lent this year, but it's been a miserable failure.

6) I've cut my television viewing by 1/3 this year so far, which I'm proud of. With the help of digital recording technology I can plan what and when I want to watch and it helps keep me away from mindless channel surfing. And I'm finally plowing through all those books I've been vowing to read for the past few years.

Now y'all are it!

1) Patrick

2) Casper

3) Ousslander

4) Nikki

5) Jamie

6) North Dallas Thirty


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