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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Thomas Beatie Redux

Just found this in the comments section here, regarding all the brouhaha over Thomas Beatie, the 'pregnant" man:
Okay, all of you "tolerant, open-minded, enlightened" college types...Let's try this once again:

A person who has a penis is a male.

A person who has a vagina is a female.

I've met grade-school kids who understood this....why don't any of you?

However, I would be willing to concede to your viewpoint...as long as you ALSO acknowledge the following:

1) Wearing black shoe polish on his face & singing "Mammy" meant that Al Jolson was an African-American.

2) Marcel Marceau REALLY DID pull on an invisible rope & walk against a strong wind whenever he performed on-stage.

3) Since he was always kissing Doris Day, Rock Hudson was a heterosexual.

As long as you continue to focus solely upon the esoteric superficialities to rationalize your egregiously contorted viewpoint, all of the above examples are as accurate as the claim that Thomas Beatie is a male.

Or, maybe, it's just like the saying: Being "open-minded" means you'll believe pretty much anything you're told...no matter how ridiculous it is.
Very good point...


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