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Friday, June 20, 2008

Everyone Relax... Mayonnaise Won't Make You Gay - Just Tasty

There's a bit of a brouhaha brewing over a Heinz commercial being shown in the UK. The ad is for their new deli mayos and it shows two men kissing.

Let me explain this sloooooowly for the slooooow among us. The New York deli cook is supposed to be the mom, and that was not made clear (for Americans at least - I sort of imagine the Brits get it) which at worst makes it bad marketing, not a new front in the homosexual takeover of America. We don't want your condiments. For Americans to understand the ad, they would need to rework it so that right after the husband says "see you tonight love" the deli guy is replaced by the actual mom still with the New York accent.

Yeah, two men kiss. It's a mere smooch. You can see worse on the streets. Personally I find feminine hygiene commercials more offensive, but that doesn't make them wrong. In a world full of real problems, let's not focus on commercials.


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