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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Muslims, Gays, And The Decline Of The West

Dan at Gay Patriot is absolutely correct.
[T]he greatest enemies of gay people are not social conservatives in the West who may question (what they call) our lifestyle and oppose legislation benefiting us, but Islamic theocrats who execute gay people in jurisdictions where they predominate and seek to destroy the nations with political systems which allow us to live freely.
The silence from the gay media, which he highlights in his post, is deafening.

It was waking up to the threat from radical Islam that brought me all the way out as a conservative. Something my liberal gay friends just don't understand. They have a complete disconnect about the danger that is posed; and quite frankly I'm now convinced it's a danger that isn't limited to "radical" Islam. Homosexuals aren't free or safe in any Muslim country, or apparently any country with a large Muslim immigrant population. Groups like Queers for Palestine are particularly galling and completely absurd. Talk about your unrequited love, huh? You'd think that 110 story skyscrapers collapsing to the stirring sounds of "Allahu Akbar" would be quite attention getting, no?

USMale, a blogger friend of mine says it well too: only in the Western world can a gay man live a free life as himself. Hence, the health and strength of the West is fundamental to my survival. In fact I made that quote the tag line of my blog.

Oh, and who is standing up for the victims of gay bashing in the Netherlands? Geert Wilders - a conservative. Who is vacillating in standing up for them? Yman Mahrach, the liberal.

UPDATE: For more evidence that liberals have their heads in the sand, read this thread at Democratic Underground. It's amusing. Sad; but amusing.


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